E Scooter Accessories

 E Scooter Accessories

You have just bought an e-scooter and would like to go straight away? Not a good idea. You should think about your safety beforehand. First of all, skywalker electric board we would recommend that you equip yourself with a helmet for your rides. And in addition, it is advisable to provide your own clothes and the e-scooter with reflectors. So you are simply safer on the road.

E Scooter Helmets

The legislator does not prescribe a helmet when driving an e-scooter. Wearing head protection is still advisable and recommended by experts. Currently, you can read in the press numerous news of crashed E Scooter drivers. Very few wore a helmet and thus exposed themselves to great danger. Helmets are inexpensive and easy to transport. As a participant in road traffic, you have to reckon with the carelessness of other participants, it’s not just about your own skills. Remember: There is no crumple zone or airbags on the scooter. A good helmet is light and well ventilated.

E Scooter Reflectors

With a reflector sticker set, you contribute to better visibility of your e-Scooter. The legislator provides in both Germany and Austria that e-scooters are sufficiently visible. To increase the protection or to replace fallen reflectors can fall back on the practical stickers. Before attaching, the area should be cleaned and dry.

E Scooter Locks

An additional security lock increases the theft protection of the e-scooter. Of course, many models also come with a lock function via the app. But that rarely scares thieves away from the deed. With the help of a small lock on the E Scooter, you can at least a little more calmly through the supermarket, to the café, or to the bakery. When choosing the lock, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the scooter. Some models, such as the Moovi Scooter, have a theft hook. This makes it easy to carry out a bicycle lock. However, most models require some ingenuity and skill when finished.

E Scooter Storage Bag

The newly gained e-mobility can also be used for shopping. Provided you have a suitable scooter bag or backpack with you. In the current roller bags, which can be conveniently mounted on the handlebars, you have at least space for small errands and, depending on the model, about 3 liters of storage space. This is not as much space as a bicycle basket but better than nothing.

Today I came across an interesting offer from 1&1 Ionos SE. Currently, e-scooters with road approval are still a rather expensive matter, buyers have to expect costs from 500 €. All the more surprising is that you can book the SoFlow So6 for just € 9.99 at 1&1 in conjunction with a mobile phone contract.

For the entire duration of the contract, the e-scooter costs only 239.76 € instead of the RRP of 799 €. The offer should be very interesting for all those who are also about to extend a contract or change their mobile phone provider. We take a closer look at the model for you.

SoFlow So6

At the beginning of August, more precisely on 9.8.2019, the SoFlow S06 received its approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority and may therefore be used legally on public roads in Germany. On the website of the manufacturer, the model is currently sold out, which of course indicates an increased demand. The Swiss company also offers other scooters, e-bikes, and e-skateboards.

The 1&1 scooter is powered by a powerful 350-watt motor. He should master slight inclines and the maximum speed of 20 km/h effortlessly. The charger feeds the 7.8 AH / 36 V lithium battery in about 2.5 hours. Then the battery is full. Currently, the battery is firmly in the frame and can not be removed, which is currently quite common.

By means of a small stand on the side, the scooter can be conveniently parked. If you want to transport the SoFlow S06, you simply fold it up thanks to the folding mechanism. Its weight seems to be 11.3 kilograms, the information on the net is still a bit contradictory and the manufacturer’s side is stingy with information. Let’s leave the point at that. However, the recommended driver weight or maximum payload is clear. This is a maximum of 120 kilograms. In order to achieve good acceleration and also to master inclines, however, you should be a little lighter, my experience with 350-watt motors tells me that the offered station wagon probably works very well up to 100 kilograms of driver weight.

Positive to highlight are the 10-inch tires. My favorite size for e-scooters, as they are usually very smooth running and cushion bumps perfectly. best mini longboards the running board of the SoFlow S06 has a typical anti-slip adhesion. Otherwise, in addition to two brakes, front and rear lights, the scooter offers an easy-to-read display that provides its drivers with the most important information.

Important: In order for you to be able to operate the scooter legally, you still need suitable e-scooter insurance.


Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires

Motor: 350 Watt electric motor

Battery: 36V 7.8 Ah Li-ion battery (280.8 Wh)

Range: 30 km

Charging time: about 2.5 hours

Front brakes: Electronic brake

Rear brake: drum brake in the rear wheel

Maximum load capacity: 120 kg

Weight: approx. 11.3 kg (not verified)

Dimensions: 111 cm x 121 cm x 48 cm

App: available

(a smartphone app with a map view, immobilizer, speed display, range, etc.)

SoFlow So6 in the test

Unfortunately, we did not have the SoFlow S06 in the test yet. At the manufacturer, the device is currently out of stock and so we still have to be a little patient to collect and write down our own experiences with the SoFlow. If the device still makes it to us, we will of course adapt the article here. We have also included the scooter in our list of e-scooters with road approval.

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