E2 Investor Visa Countries – Why Do I Need Professional Help?

 E2 Investor Visa Countries – Why Do I Need Professional Help?

About 72 E2 investor visa countries have a treaty with the US. An E2 visa holder can travel within the US and outside the country. The visa holder can stay in the country for a period of two years and extend it after that innumerable times at the end of each term. Additionally, the visa holder can bring relatives, spouses, and kids under 21 years to the US. The spouse can get a job or work independently in the country.  

The E-2 Visa is applicable only for nationals who belong to E2 investor visa countries. Though there is no minimum or maximum level to the investment, it is noted that the chances of qualifying to get the E2 status lessen with a lower investment. The investment has to be in an operational business in the US, or it could be a start-up. However, investments in stocks, bonds, or properties do not qualify as an investment for the E2 investor visa. It is also important that the visa applicant invest a good part in the business before applying for the visa. 

The vital point is that the E2 Visa is applicable only for residents and citizens of countries with which the US has a trade treaty. The United Kingdom was the first to sign the treaty in 1815. And the most recent one to become a part of the E2 investor treaty is Israel. There are certain restrictions to E2 investor visa holders. Two specific limitations exist: the entrepreneur can work only in the self-owned business for which they have got approval during the E2 visa process. Second, if an employer sponsored the visa, the visa holder must continue working for the specific employer only to retain the E2 visa. Also, after every two years, the visa needs to be approved by the authorities. 

However, with the help of an expert visa consultant, things can be better and the process straightforward.

Why do I need a professional?

  1. They guide you through the entire process, starting from the visa application and the documentation process to helping you with business incorporation.
  2. An immigration lawyer will offer one-to-one consultation helping with decision-making at every point. The visa consultant and the lawyer are experts in this domain, fully aware of all the processes’ ins and outs.
  3. Your documents are all thoroughly scrutinized before the application is submitted for processing. This helps avert probable delays and ensures that the process is completed well within the given timeframe.
  4. Help you with the right strategy and approach in business planning so that your business can take off swiftly without any hassle.

All in all, a professional consultant will work with you to ensure that the entire process is hassle-free and completed well on time.


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