Earn Profit with Super App Gojek Clone in Cambodia

 Earn Profit with Super App Gojek Clone in Cambodia

If you are planning to kick-start your new business in Cambodia, then launching a Gojek Clone app is the perfect solution for you. In 2022, the best business format is digital and the best genre to move forward with is – multi-service. Why? For one, everyone is online. And for such a tech-savvy audience, there can be nothing better than a mobile app. Moreover, a single mobile app that offers more than 82 services is the best business idea Cambodian entrepreneurs can adopt this year. 

However, the main question here is – “how much money can an entrepreneur make by launching this top-notch super app?”  Well, we have the answer ready for you. 

Enormous Profit-making with Gojek Clone

There are two profit-centric business models for this on-demand app solution. Entrepreneurs can choose one of them as their business model depending on the business and the money-making goals that they have in mind. 

1. Commission on every order, ride, or service

This commission model is the choice of many entrepreneurs. But, what happens under this model? Well, first of all, the service providers form a legal bond with the on-demand multi-service app owner that they’d pay a certain percentage of earnings per service that they render through the app.  

Since the commission is cut from every service, the mode of payment may differ from person to person. For instance, if a customer paid the money in cash, then the amount is handed over to the provider. The provider is then responsible to credit the commission amount to the app owner’s account. Whereas, if it’s online payment, the owner will directly get the entire payment and after deducting the commission from them, the owner transfers the money into the provider’s account. 

2. Membership subscription plans 

These subscription plans are handcrafted by the app owner. Compared to what Netflix subscriptions are, these on-demand multi-service plans look different. The plans are time validated, contain the features that the app owner wants to provide, and lastly, they are priced differently. For example: 

  • Monthly plan: US$199
  • Bi-monthly plan: US$299
  • Quarterly plan: US$399
  • Half-yearly plan: US$699
  • Annual: US$1099

Unlike the Gojek clone app’s commission model, the provider doesn’t have to pay a commission for every service they render. Instead, the providers need to pay a fixed lump sum of the plan. The providers can compare the price of the plan, time validity, and the features before choosing a suitable plan for themselves. 

Also, the providers need to renew the subscription plans before they expire in order to continue getting service requests! 

Make Extra Bucks with In-app Advertisements

Another method with which the app owners can make more money is – to add Facebook/Google Ads. Adding the Ad on the home screen will help you make extra bucks with every single click on the ad. 

These third-party ads are the best way to earn a “side income”. Since the ad is placed on the home screen of the on-demand multi-services app, the user experience isn’t interrupted! To help you understand, let’s take an example. 

Suppose the Google third-party ad that you’ve added to the app pays your $5 per click. On average, you get 500 clicks. Therefore, your per day earning only from the app is $2500!


To sum up, I’d suggest Cambodian entrepreneurs invest in the Gojek clone app! A digital platform with 82+ on-demand services is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for quick success. 

Call the sales representatives and get your golden ticket to app launch right now!



Aaron Diaz is a technical writer of gojek app clone development company. He loves exploring new things and sharing writeup skill with others. He has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry.

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