Elegant Ways to Style Your Headscarf

Headscarves are the most versatile piece of cloth. You can use them to protect your face as well as to look trendy. Here is something about headscarves that adds charm to a woman’s personality. When styled properly, a headscarf can make you look extremely elegant. When styled the right way, you can carry a headscarf to different occasions too. So, whether it is an office party you want to go to or some warm get-together with family and friends, you can always carry a headscarf. Let’s discuss some of the ways people style it and you can too!

1. Styling as Hijab: This is one of the most elegant ways to style your scarf. You can use hijab head scarves for styling your scarf as a hijab. Scarves styled as hijabs look very classy and go well with all kinds of modest dresses.

2. Styling around Neck: You can also use headscarves for styling around the neck. You can do this by wrapping the scarf around your neck and then tying a loose knot. This kind of styling goes well with western dresses as well.

3. Wrapping around Arms: You can also use your scarf as protection against cold when needed. There are two ways of doing that. The first way is that you can simply wrap the scarf around your arms. The second way is tying knots at both terminals of the scarf. Once that is done, you can wear it as a short tunic. When done correctly, it looks pretty stylish!

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