Eliminate Carpet Stains With These Carpet Cleaning Hacks

 Eliminate Carpet Stains With These Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpets are an essential commodity in almost every house. We place them on our floor to provide comfort and serve decorative purposes. The fabric used for carpets is soft and comfortable. It has beautiful designs, textures, etc. Thus, a carpet is a very useful object. A carpet gets dirty easily because of the dust, stains and marks that get settled on it. The durability of a carpet is well-maintained because of regular cleaning. Therefore, you should do the cleaning of carpets regularly. The stains do not come off easily from a carpet. Here are some of the tips to Carpet Pet Urine Removal Brisbane.

Eliminate carpet stains with these carpet cleaning hacks

We all know that stains and marks are not easy to remove from a carpet. We have listed down some of the hacks to remove stains from a carpet. So, you can use these to remove stains from a carpet without professional help.

  • Iron for removing stains

You can remove stains from a carpet using an iron. You have to make a solution of 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water. Apply this solution on a towel and then put the towel on the stained area of the carpet. Afterwards, iron the towel and let the stains come out. Do this until the stains come out completely or almost removed.

  • Blot stains, never rub

We all are used to rubbing stains from a carpet but that just spreads the stains. Therefore, you should never rub stains from a carpet. Gently bolt the stained area with the help of a towel. Make sure you don’t let the stains dry. Thus, you should blot the affected area as soon as any stains are caused on a carpet. Always rub from outside to inwards. So that there is no spread of stains.

  • Baking Soda for oil stains

Baking soda has amazing cleansing properties. If your carpet has got oil stains. Then put some baking soda on the stains and let it be there for some minutes. You will see the oil stains reducing gradually. After that, you can vacuum clean the baking soda from the carpet.

  • Shaving cream to get rid of stains

You can use shaving cream to remove dirt stains from a carpet. Simply apply the shaving cream over the dirty surface and scrub it with a scrubber. Let the shaving cream be on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes, then clean it with a wet cloth. Furthermore, the shaving cream also acts as an anti-allergy cream.

  • Alcohol to remove colour stains

You can use alcohol to remove stains caused by nail polish, oil paints. etc. It is a simple and quick way to remove stains from a carpet. You just have to blot the stained area with an alcohol solution. You will see the stain coming out and then scrape the loose stains with the help of a butter knife. Apart from this, you can also read our popular blogs like Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning? And you can fix your home and DIY related things by yourself through our expert tips and advice.

Hire professionals for affordable and effective carpet cleaning services

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