Encourage your customers to come back more often

 Encourage your customers to come back more often

Another way to optimize the performance of the customers you already have, both regular and sporadic, is to increase the number of times they serve you.

Obviously the techniques used to increase sales described in the previous article improve the image of the place, favoring the return of the customer who might prefer your place to another neighbor because he finds it more welcoming.

Other beerwulf discount code can also be used to increase customer returns, here are a few:

Loyalty cards and coffee or breakfast subscriptions

They are the most classic and tested method. You can easily create loyalty cards or subscriptions for 10 breakfasts or coffee.

With a small initial discount you can offer a subscription that guarantees the return of the Customer and … collection immediately. Find new customers

Obviously, everyone’s dream is to always be able to bring new customers to their premises.

This is easier said than done because the current economic situation pushes people to stop being customers of any local, rather than to become customers of a new one.

Although the moment is not the best, we must never stop working to increase, because regardless of the economic situation, it is proven that every year at least 10% of customers are lost due to changes in job, home, journey to school or at work, aging of the customer who goes out less and deaths …

It should be emphasized that it is advisable to pay attention to the techniques you use to find new customers because they can be considered too aggressive by your closest competitors; it is important to find the right balance in order not to unleash neighborhood “wars” that could bring you more harm than good.

Gifts to the neighbors

In view of the above, and especially if you do not have another place two meters away, you can offer a voucher for a free coffee to the nearby shops, not only to the owner, but also to the staff because everyone drinks the coffee …

The discount coupon can also be given to those who open a shop in your area or to customers of other non-competing nearby businesses such as gyms and the like.


Conventions are a great way to reach a medium / large user group in one go.

They can done with businesses in your area, schools or other places where a lot of people gather such as gyms or clubhouses, so by offering a small discount you can highlight yourself to a large group of potential customers.

You can also realize them with the Business Clubs (CRAL) that have all the larger companies and the Municipalities, in this case the audience of potential customers is much wider.

If you make an agreement do not forget to highlight it on the door of your local because the members of the CRAL who may be interested do not always know it in a timely manner.

You can also try to deliver a discount or gift voucher to commercial activities with offices in your area, possibly accompanied by a promotional letter offering discounts, promotions for business lunches or the possibility of invoicing the company for drinks (carefully check the rules tax in this regard)

The external showcase

The external showcase is a mine of possibilities to make yourself known even by those who have never entered the restaurant. In particular you can highlight promotions, new dishes or menus.

You can also highlight promotions dedicated to particular times, such as for breakfast, or offers of short duration or linked only to the weekend or in the evening.

An advice that is always valid is to make sure that stamps on loyalty cards cannot be easily falsified, using particular color inks or stamps made on purpose. The addition of your signature in pen adds greater security.

Obviously do not forget to invent a way to immediately sell a new subscription on online shopping to those who run out, possibly with a small extra discount or the offer to add an extra free drink (e.g. those who buy the subscription for ten coffees with a discount as soon as they have once the old subscription is exhausted, you will immediately receive an extra free coffee.

Bring a friend

Another way to make a customer come back is to offer a discount coupon that is valid for a short period (also because after a while they are all lost) or that allows you to offer coffee or dessert if the customer brings a friend. with you.

The discount coupon could also used to return the customer at different times from the usual ones. For example a voucher for breakfast or evening aperitif offered to those who come only for lunch, and vice versa.

The three plus one

Another way to bring customers back is to offer discount coupons that allow a person to receive a free lunch if he accompanies three payers or that offer a substantial discount if the bill exceeds  100$.


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