Engineering Plastics Are What Kind Of Plastics?

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Engineering plastics are plastic materials that have better mechanical and/or thermal properties than other common plastics, such as polystyrene or PVC.

Although engineering plastics can be produced in lower quantities, they are more costly and more difficult to make. These plastics can be used to make small, low-volume items (such as parts). Acrylonitrile Butadiene Strene (ABS), is one example of an engineering plastic that can be used for car bumpers or dashboard trim. For skis, polycarbonates are used as helmets for motorcycles.

Engineering plastics are slowly replacing traditional engineering materials such as wood and metal in many cases. Engineer plastics are more flexible than traditional engineering materials and can be made into complex shapes.

There is a difference between engineering and regular plastic

They are distinguished by their high functionality and versatility.

There are many types and performances of engineering plastics. However, most engineering plastics are more resistant to heat and have greater mechanical strength than other types.
Although there is not a standard, most engineering plastics are heat-resistant to temperatures at least 100°C. Super engineering plastics can withstand temperatures as high as 150°C.

In 1960, the first engineering plastics were needed.

At that time, industrial production flourished all around the world. Japan’s high economic growth was due to its rapid industrial production growth.

It is important to use lighter materials to meet the demands for mass production. They are more cost-effective and easier to process than traditional metals.

Parts made of lighter materials are more durable than metals in automotive parts. This is due to weight reduction measures that improve fuel efficiency as a result of depletion in petroleum resources.

Since the widespread adoption and use of engineering plastics as an alternative to metal, plastic parts have become more common.

Producing companies began to demand plastics that performed better than traditional engineering plastics. Super engineering plastics were thus developed.

As intermediate materials between metals, and general-purpose plastics, super-engineering and engineering plastics are widely used.

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