How to Improve your Child’s English Reading Skills

 How to Improve your Child’s English Reading Skills

Reading marks the most crucial skill in a child’s routine where every child should have ample time to read for intellectual and emotional development. The existence of technology and reading apps has made it easier for parents to access and teach their kids to read and pick out new objects at their convenience. The countless apps leave parents overwhelmed in choosing the right one for their children to boost their English reading skills. 

However, not all children are into reading, and engaging them can be tough especially when it comes to learning the letters and vocabulary of the English language. This causes struggles and frustrations in reading English letters and words correctly. If your child has trouble with reading, we have two apps that help to improve your child’s English reading skills. 

ABC Alphabets English Vocabulary

ABC Alphabets English Vocabulary

The ABC Alphabets English Vocabulary App has made accessibility and convenience easy and you can utilize this app for your child to improve his or her reading skills. The English vocabulary app comprises an engaging and colorful user interface and easy navigation to allow your child to learn letters and words on the go. 

The app comprises the 26 letters of the English alphabet which enables kids to recognize the names and sounds of the objects with each image provided plus letters on the top. This will help your child to improve his or her reading skills by looking at the English vocabulary words and memorizing the uppercase and lowercase of each letter. 

By combining the main features of the app, the ABC Alphabets English Vocabulary App comprises four carefully selected fonts for the ease of reading and memorizing alphabet shapes. The app consists of 8 words for every letter to learn and read each word with objects for greater engagement. 

To hear the objects while reading, the app has sound effects to know how the object makes a certain sound of each word. The app has zero distractions of any user interface controls to save from unwanted distractions and High Definition content for retina display. The kids learning English app is easy to navigate by swiping left or right gestures to allow your child to read letters or words without fumbling to move on to the next letter. 

These features will aid your child to improve his or her reading skills and build her level of English by having interactive content and attention-grabbing animation to keep engaged during use. The app is suitable for 1 to 4 years of age. 

Words Train

Words Train

Words Train is another useful app that helps to improve your child’s English reading skills. Bright and cheerful content helps your child to learn the basic vocabulary words with their spellings. The app is easy to access. All you have to do is train your child to drag the letters from the train wagon and form the correct spelling of the word. This helps to boost your child’s memory and remember the spelling and words of each picture.  

The app begins with three letter words and works the way up to 7-letter words to improve reading and spelling. The corresponding image provides a sound of each image for the child to get a hint of what the image is. This will let your child learn how that picture makes a certain sound and remember it while learning to read and pronounce it right. 

Words Train gives the motivation and encouragement to build confidence in learning new words and helps to improve their reading skills. Once you use this app for your child, your child will enjoy the colorful and readable content where he or she will learn to build words to improve reading skills. 

The app provides a great opportunity for children where parents can motivate their children on small achievements to improve their reading skills. Greater encouragement helps your child to build confidence in reading and aid to move up higher to the next level. The app consists of a reward system where each correct attempt gives one star and adds coins for each level. This is successful once all the levels are complete. 

The app is suitable for 4 to 8 years of age and has accessible features that allow your child to learn and utilize at their convenience. This is useful for learning in the comfort of their homes or the classroom.

Wrap Up 

The existence of educational apps helps children to learn to read and build new words and objects on the go. The use of apps benefits parents from accessibility and convenience where your child can learn and improve English reading skills on the go. 

The right use of apps will save parents from being overwhelmed with finding the right apps for their children. These two apps will boost your child’s reading confidence and learn new words with ease. 

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