Enjoy the Show in 55 Inch TV with your Family

 Enjoy the Show in 55 Inch TV with your Family

A modern apartment with a sprawling drawing room is incomplete without a television set. A large display TV adds to the charm of watching a show or movie or a live sporting event. Investing in a 55-inch Philips TV with premium features can amp up the entertainment quotient by manifold times. Even other key global players like Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL are jumping into the bandwagon to manufacture a 55 inch TV that you can buy for a large Screen. They are manufacturing durable products that fit into the living room and are budget-friendly. 

Advanced features in televisions ensure unlimited excitement and fun

With the launch of every new smart TV, we are getting to know about groundbreaking attributes and features. The 55 inch TV is making its way into our lifestyle and we can have an ideal getaway and a good time with our family members – be it watching the T20 matches or live streaming videos. 

Apart from their large display what makes them popular? It’s the integration of the latest features like UHD resolution of 2160p, inbuilt speakers with front-firing, a remote with a Netflix button, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, Dolby Audio support. down-firing technology, built-in apps, HDMI and USB ports. All of them have made the viewing experience of Philips TV and other branded sets exciting propositions for the users. As a buyer, you would also be happy with the LED, QLED tech, or an OLED TV that comes with it.

Bigger display of the 55-inch television sets makes them the best bet

Watching your favorite sport or a movie seems a completely different experience when you have a larger screen and only a Philips TV or any other branded 55 inch TV can fulfil that. Those equipped with a high dynamic range or HDR makes the picture quality stunning for viewers. HDR or high-dynamic-range imaging is a technology used to generate a greater range of luminosity and can produce an extraordinary assortment of contrast in a scene making the whole experience of viewing a superb one. 

Many models are packing the punch of the IPQ engine having scene identification of HDR content to augment the quality of the visuals. The engine also enhances HDR even if the light of the screen is low, improves the detail, makes the images layered, and content features richer.

List of Best 55 inch Televisions Available in the market

Let’s take a look at the list of premium 55-inch televisions that is worth spending the money on:

Sony Bravia X7400H

The slim and sleek design makes it elegant to keep in the living room. The blur-free cinematic experience and content bar feature is highly sought-after. Attach it with your play station and have a seamless gaming experience. However, when compared to the Philips TV, the price of this 55 inch TV by Sony tends to be higher.

Samsung 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Samsung has become a household name thanks to its innovation and creative marketing. This one can be operated as a full-fledged computer as it can perform the complex tasks performed by the latter. 

LG 55 inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Nothing can beat the experience of this 55 inch TV with 4K UHD resolution. The fabulous video and audio quality makes it one of the best buys. Like the Philips TV, it can be regulated by the voice command while the features can be scrolled with a click.

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