Ensure buying the best Adidas trekking shoes under 5000 with these tips

Anyone who loves trekking knows the importance of good trekking shoes. Wearing sneakers or regular footwear to treks is one of the biggest mistakes. It not only increases the chances of accidents in rough mountain trails but also doubles your effort. It is best to invest in good quality trekking shoes and to get them on budget, apply coupon codes like the Adidas coupon code. The following list has been made to help you buy the best trekking shoes under INR 5000:

Points to notice when picking the best trekking shoes to enjoy maximum Adidas coupon code benefit

To ensure you get your hands on the best pair of Adidas trekking shoes, here are some tips for you. So, make sure you are mindful of the following factors:

The shoe weight should be light.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is the weight of the shoes. The shoes should always be light and supportive with good gripping for trekking. Since you will carry the weight of your shoes in those steep and unfavourable trails, it is best if it’s light. This way, you wouldn’t feel tired or get hurt.

Additional, if your shoe has a high ankle and premium sole, that would be cherry on top. High shoes look chic with a pair of cargo pants and a layering jacket; you could check some great deals when you search for offers like Allen Solly offers today too.

What will be the appropriate ankle-protected shoes?

The next factor that must pop up in your mind is the ankle protection feature. Usually, three kinds of ankle protection are found in the best trekking shoes. These include high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut. Choosing the appropriate ankle protection ensures you don’t end up spraining your ankle in the middle of the trek. It could end up spoiling not only your trip but also the trip of your whole group.

A low-cut trekking shoe is best for day treks and gives fantastic assistance in flat terrain, but it may not be appropriate for mountain trekking. So, if you are looking for multi-day trek shoes, stay clear of low-cut shoes.

On the other hand, a mid-cut trek shoe can be used as a multi-day trek shoe but how well it performs depends on the trek path. Choose it only if you are planning to take a moderate trek path.

Lastly, if you get a coupon code like the Adidas coupon code for high-cut trekking shoes, take advantage of the offer immediately since they provide the best support and grip. Not to mention, they are perfect for multi-day treks and can perform well in extreme cases.

Keep softness and flexibility as a top priority.

In trekking, you will walk on different terrains, so your shoes should be such that it adapts to the situation fast. Getting a soft and flexible shoe will help the purpose. One way to ensure that is, look at whether it has appropriate padding inside it. If it is well padded, it means it is well insulated, so in the condition of extreme cold or hot weather, it will not affect your foot.

In addition, check for the size of the shoe. It should be exact medium, not too big or clumsy. You don’t want to fall while trekking.

Waterproof Shoes

Another excellent factor to look for under Adidas and Allen Solly offers today is waterproof wearIt is common to come across and pass through streams and waterfalls during trekking. Moreover, if you plan to go on a snow trek, this is the must-have feature you need to look for. If not, you may fall under the threat of frostbite or pneumonia.

Also, another good reason to always go for waterproof trekking shoes is that if it gets wet for any reason, you will have to wait for days to dry. Additionally, in the mountains, there is hardly any sunlight.


The factors mentioned above are some essential points that will save you from making a wrong decision so make sure you look out for them. It is not every day that you buy trekking shoes, so even if features like waterproof shoes increase the price, you should go for them. Not to mention there are coupon codes that will help you save costs. So, avail and buy the best shoe for your next trekking trip.

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