Every Thing You Need to Know about Product Packaging to become a Brand

 Every Thing You Need to Know about Product Packaging to become a Brand

If you have decided to sell your products, you may be wondering if the appearance of your product matters. No matter if you want to change the packaging of an existing product or want to make another product with different packaging, you will always be in need to have attractive packaging that can attract the customers. The sales of the product also depend on its packaging to some extent. If you want to boost sales, you should not overlook the aspect of packaging. Some people completely ignore the packaging because to them, it’s only the performance of the product which is important. You might have noticed that almost every manufacturer has the same priorities when it comes to packaging. But still, there are certain aspects which keep several products stand out from others.

Product Packaging

There are different things which should be known to become a brand. So, we are here today with everything you need to know about the product packaging to become a brand. Have a look at them below:

Purpose of Packaging

The main purpose of using the packaging on the product is to protect it from any damage and other stuff that can ruin the product or can affect its performance. There are lots of people who never purchase a product which is not packed since they believe that the unpacked product might have been damaged. The product needs complete protection while it is being transferred from the manufacturer to the retailer’s shop. The product still needs to be covered while it sits on the retailer’s shop shelves. Not all the products have some type of packaging. The type of rigid box packaging depends on the type of product. For example, the liquid stuff is usually sold in metal containers. Everything you need to know about product packaging to become a brand is very important when you want to fulfil the truthful demands of packaging.

Attractive Packaging

The product should attract the customers not only physically but also psychologically. It is human nature to be attracted to beautiful and attractive things. This is what manufacturers of products know and because of this, they try to provide attractive packaging for the products they want to sell. There is a lot of research is conducted by different brands to know about the colour schemes, designs, styles and appearance of packaging which is most appealing to the customers. If you want to make your product a brand, keep uniqueness in your packaging. Your packaging should be attractive but in a different way. Your brand should express a unique reason for being through its packaging.

The product connects with customer

The product should try to make a connection with the customer. The products should be designed in a defendable way so that you can sell lots of products. An effective packaging answer:

  •        Who I am?
  •       What I am?
  •       Why I am?

These questions enable the person to know about the product at one glance and can make a decision instantly about its purchase. Naturally, the product packaging should be able to make the customer repeat his purchase.


Remember that putting the product on the shelves and shouting loudly to the market never works. You should make your product a complete point of orientation that can grab the attention of the customer. The product should also be able to convey the true essence of the proposition to the customer. Make your product stand out on the shelves so that it can be acknowledged.


One of the major concerns of customers these days is sustainability. When you are not using any toxic material in packaging and using the least possible amount of packaging, you are actually winning the trust of your customers and making your way in the market.

Size of packaging

The first thing that the customer looks into the product is the size of the packaging, the actual size of the product, the design of the product and its colour scheme. Another major thing which you should be careful about is the readability of the content written on the packaging. If the customer is able to see and read the name of the product and its brand name, he or she is more likely to purchase that product. 40% of the women say that the most important thing about the packaging is the readability of the content of the packaging while 30% say that the major thing is how easily the product can be seen on shelves. 43% of the women are much more concerned about the directions which are written on the outer packet.

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