Everything Need to Know About Organic Search

 Everything Need to Know About Organic Search

You have often heard the term organic search with a number of digital marketing channels like SEO company experts. But some of us, even digital marketing persons, have a hard time understanding organic search and why it is crucial for the long-term success of a website? Or you can say why it is the game-changer for business according to top website SEO services?

However, most individuals think that organic search is paid search, which makes the whole situation complex. So, if you are the one who also gets confused in understanding what precisely organic search is, then this post will explain everything to you. 

What is Organic Search?

Organic Search is also called natural search, referring to unpaid results compared to paid search results like PPC, etc. In other words, it is the result shown for any search queries excluding paid ads. However, this result depends upon the organic ranking factors related to the user’s search query like device, user location, incoming links, etc.

These listings appear on the search engines because they are pretty relevant to the search items and are not paid advertisements. 

Why is organic search essential?

Organic search is crucial because it is one of the most valuable forms of traffic the business can get to the website. However, this organic is highly targeted, and there are higher chances that this traffic will convert into another form of traffic. Now the question is why organic traffic is more targeted than any other form of traffic? The answer is it has to do with the user intent. 

When any of the users type their search query in the search engine when looking for something specific, and when the website satisfies their intent, these users can become their future subscribers, customers, or returning visitors. So, if your business wants to take advantage of this search, your website has to appear in the top 5 positions of the search engine results.

Types of organic search results

Featured snippets

Featured snippets are like concise snippets that answers the questions of the user. They usually appear at or near the topmost of Google organic search results, pulled from one of the top-ranking results. 

Top stories

These boxes are the currently published content about any specific topic. They usually show organic results for newsworthy topics. 

Video carousels

Video carousels feature various videos according to the user’s search query. This full carousel takes up only one organic position. 

People also ask

It is also called PAA boxes that show various common questions that most people search. All the questions are answered in the short excerpt taken from the relevant sources on the internet. 

How to appear on your website in organic search results?

In order to increase your website’s visibility in search engine organic results, businesses have to follow search engine optimization best practices. That means you have to follow some particular rules so that your website will get access to search engines that help them to understand your content easily. In this, you can take the help of SEO company experts.

However, these days Google is using around 255 search engine ranking factors for calculating position. Some of the most important are: –

  • Promote the website as much as you can to get more links and brand mentions
  • Always publish the content that satisfies the intent of the user
  • Ensure the content you published can be indexed
  • The website is fast and easily accessible on all types of devices
  • Try to optimize the content for search engines

Difference between paid search and organic search

No doubt both of them help in gaining more visibility in search results and gain a high presence in interested clients. But the thing is how they differ from each other. So, let’s discuss….


PPC ads generate ads at the top of the major search engine. However, they are indicated by the work ad to show they are paid. Additionally, these paid listings always appear at the top and bottom of the organic search listings. That means they never appear in the middle of the organic search lists. 


The organic search takes some time to get results. The reason is. First, it takes time to run a campaign, implement it, and then deliver satisfactory results. That means it always offers positive results . It takes time to get results. 

But in the case of paid search, the result is shown immediately when people interact with it. Depending upon this result, the ad can be improved as soon as possible.

The cost

The businesses do not have to pay anything for ranking in organic results. But in the case of paid search, the companies have to pay to the publisher when their ads are clicked. 

The bottom line

After reading this blog, you might get a clear idea about organic search. So, if you want more traffic to your site as time passes, take the help of organic search with top website SEO services and see the real difference. 

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