Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Singapore Permanent Resident Status

 Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Singapore Permanent Resident Status

If you hold Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal, it’s likely that you’ll have to renew it every five years. It’s an uncomplicated process that can be completed online, but there are some specific requirements and restrictions associated with the renewal process that you need to be aware of before proceeding. In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about renewing your Singapore Permanent Resident status, from the application itself to the extra steps required if you lose your identity card or if your spouse is not a Singaporean citizen.

Download the Application Form

To renew your Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal, you will need to fill out an application form, which can be downloaded from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The renewal application needs to be submitted at least 3 months before the expiration date of your status, and requires supporting documents such as the following:

* Two photographs

* Proof of domicile

* Passport copy (1st and last page)

* Copy of Birth Certificate

* Passport Renewal/Re-entry Permit Stamp or exit/re-entry permit.

If you require any other information or want more guidance on how to renew your Singapore PR status.

Fill in the Application Form

The Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal application process includes completing and submitting the application form, paying fees, getting your fingerprints taken at a biometrics collection center, getting an endorsement from one of these authorities: ECA-Educational Credential Assessment Board (Council for Private Education), EDB-Economic Development Board (Unauthorized Investment and Protected Activities), URA-Urban Redevelopment Authority (Land Sales), NEA-National Environment Agency, RWS-Roads and Wireless Office.

The easiest way to submit the SIR1 online is via SingPass. Once you submit your application form online, you will receive confirmation by SMS with a reference number for checking its status.

Gather Supporting Documents

To renew your Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal, you will need the following documents: copy of current long-term visit pass or identity card, passport, renewal fee (sent by post or in person), one passport-sized photo and a letter of consent from a local employer. You must also submit any additional documents the MCA asks for if needed. We can help with the document requirements and renewal process! If you need help with your Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal process contact our team today. Our office is available 24/7 so we are always ready to assist you. Contact us today to find out more about Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal. We offer different types of services that are sure to meet your needs including annual review consultations and advice on visas.

Submit the Application at ICA

The Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal for your PR status can be submitted online at the ICA website. When you log in, you will be asked whether you are a new applicant or renewal applicant. If it is a renewal application, you need to provide your passport number and make sure that the e-application is not being filed by someone else on your behalf. Then, click on Renew my current status button under Renewal of Passport. Provide your personal particulars such as date of birth, race, country of citizenship etc. Fill up the details and then click on Continue. A screen will appear with two options: renewal with identity card (IC) authentication or without IC authentication. Make sure you choose either one of them before clicking Continue. For those who do not have an IC, they will have to get it authenticated from their home country’s embassy in Singapore. For those who already have an IC, the details should be filled out and the document needs to be scanned and uploaded onto the form before submission. Remember to submit supporting documents such as child’s birth certificate if he/she is included in your PR application. After this, make sure you print out a copy of the completed form for reference.

Finalise Fees and Pay ICA

-Renewal fees are dependent on age. Applicants who are between 25 and 49 years old pay S$86,000, applicants aged 50 to 54 years old pay S$98,000, and applicants aged 55 and above pay S$120,000.

-Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash at any RHB Banking Group branch . Payment is considered complete when ICA has received the correct amount from your financial institution. This can take a few days if you’re paying by wire transfer. If you’re paying in cash, payment is considered complete when we have physically received the money. Applicants should keep their receipts for reference as proof of payment in case they are called up for verification purposes. When applying for renewal with new sponsors, an applicant will need to pay an additional S$6,600 in order to include this sponsor’s name on the permit.

-We understand that many people would like to renew their residence status before it expires but do not know how much time they have left until expiry. For those who don’t know how long they’ve been a resident of Singapore, there’s a two-year grace period after which one must reapply for renewal.

-If you want to Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal before it expires but don’t want to go through the entire process again (including sponsorship), there’s a quick way around this!

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