Everything You Need to Know About the CT Scan

 Everything You Need to Know About the CT Scan

We know how technology helps us in numerous ways. In the medical field also, there are so many inventions that help doctors diagnose diseases and recommend treatments before the condition worsens. One such revolutionary invention is the CT scan which shows detailed images of internal organs, tissues, bones and other body parts for the doctors to have clarity about the diseases and prescribe suitable treatments.

With this article, we present all the crucial details about the CT scan by an Imaging Centre in Casula and how it can be beneficial-

Imaging Centre in Casula
Imaging Centre in Casula

What Is CT Scan?

The CT or computed tomography scan uses X-rays and the computer to display pictures of our internal organs, tissues, bones and blood vessels. These images are in thin slices, which enables medical professionals to have a discreet view of the body parts and diagnose better.

The CT scan happens in a rotating tunnel-like machine, allowing it to take X-rays from different angles. Later, the computer combines these images and delivers them as slices, cross-sections or even in a 3D form to help the doctors have a deeper understanding of the area. The CT scan is a minimally invasive procedure and takes a short time, probably 1 hr.

What is CT Scan with Contrast?

In a CT scan, dense body parts such as bones are easily visible, but the soft tissues aren’t, so the doctors use a CT scan with a contrast dye to highlight these parts and evaluate them properly. The dye, usually iodine or barium sulphate, emphasises blood vessels, tissues and other parts for better diagnosis. Doctors give the contrast dye to patients in either of the 3 ways-

Injection: If the doctor wants the gallbladder, liver, urinary tract or blood vessels to stand out during the CT scan, they inject the contrast dye on the arm. The dye travels through the veins and highlights these parts.

Oral: If it is the digestive tract or the pathway of food that the doctor wants to scan, the patient has to take a liquid mixed with contrast dyes.

Enema: If the intestine requires a diagnosis, doctors insert the contrast dye in the rectum.

When Do Doctors Prescribe a CT Scan?

Doctors suggest a CT scan in Casula or elsewhere to determine that the internal organs, tissues, and bones are healthy. Following are a few instances when a doctor may suggest a CT scan-

  • Find out if there are muscle disorders
  • Detect the presence of tumours, including cancers
  • Identify the location of fractures
  • Diagnose infections in the body parts
  • Have a deeper look into the functioning of blood vessels
  • Monitor the effectiveness of a treatment
  • Study the extent of internal injury
  • Help to guide procedures such as radiation therapy, surgeries, and biopsies

What Is the Procedure for Performing a CT Scan in Casula?

Preparing for the Scan

The actual procedure of the CT scan at Imaging Centres at Casula or elsewhere requires only 10 to 30 minutes to complete. It’s the preparation stage that consumes most of the time. Here is all that you will need to do before a CT scan-

  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything except clear liquids for 4 hrs before the procedure
  • If an infant or toddler undergoes the CT scan, they need to have sedition
  • Remove all the metal devices from your body, including watches, jewellery, piercings, dentures, hearing aid etc.

If there is a need to administer contrast dye, there will be the following procedures-

  • Doctors conduct a blood test to affirm the right dye
  • Patients have allergy medications the night before and the morning of the scan, if they are allergic to the dye
  • Doctors ask the patient to drink the dye solution or administer it as required
  • Patients change into the hospital gown

During the Procedure

The CT scanners at Imaging Centres in Casula or elsewhere are tunnel-shaped machines. Patients lie on a table that is then pushed into this machine, and it takes X-rays from different angles.

Patients need to stay as still as possible since a slight movement can also cause a blurry picture which may be challenging to diagnose. After the scanning, the table moves back to its original position, enabling the patient to get up.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, the patients may resume their normal activities. However, the staff would inform them of precautionary steps if they had the contrast dyes.

When Do You Get the Results?

The radiologist reads and intercepts the test results from the imaging centre in Casula and generates a report that explains the results. Usually, one can avail the results in 24 hrs, but if it’s an emergency setting, they ensure to present the result in 1 hr.


The CT scan from imaging centres in Casula is an excellent way to diagnose many hidden problems in our soft tissues, bones, muscles, or other parts. It ensures that we get timely and accurate treatment for all our ailments.

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