Everything You Should Know About Credit Cards in Singapore

 Everything You Should Know About Credit Cards in Singapore

Most Singapore households may notice that a large portion of their daily budget is covered by groceries, fuel, mobile phones, and dining expenses. It is possible that you are looking for the best credit card SG with cash rebates that maximize value across these expenses. 

These cards come with an annual fee waiver for one year and an option to split the purchases into instalments for six months or more at a low or no fee.

Various features and benefits of Everyday Credit Card

Families in Singapore who spend on shopping, utilities, groceries, transport, and telecommunication find an Everyday Credit Card a great option to use for these expenses. The cardholders can earn up to 10 percent of cash rebates on some types of everyday spending. Here are some features you can count on for acquiring a credit card SG.

  • Annual fee waiver: The annual fee of 192.60 SGD on a principal card and 96.30 SGD on every supplementary card is waived for one year, which helps you save considerable money.
  • Cash rebates: With an Everyday Credit Card, you can avail up to 10 percent cash rebates on dining at some e-market places. You don’t need any registration for it. For online shopping at a few selected e-retail outlets, you get a 5 percent rebate. In the case of dining at other places, the cash rebate is 3 percent.
  • Savings on fuel: You can enjoy up to 22.1 percent savings on fuel filled at Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC). Further, you can get a 2 percent cash rebate for Speedycare variant fuel.
  • Save on recurring payments: You need not worry anymore about increasing electricity and telecommunication charges. All you have to do is to schedule recurring payments to earn a cash rebate of 3 percent. There is no requirement of any minimum spend in most cases.
  • Get attractive cash rebates on groceries: You can earn from 3 to 8 percent on groceries at various retail outlets, and 0.3 percent on any other spending. 
  • Daily $ redemptions:  You get an option to offset your purchases by converting your repayments into instalments using the DBS Instalment Payment Plan or with DBS points. The purchase amount can be spread over 12 or 24 months repaying it in instalments free of interest. You will earn DBS points when you spread your insurance, education, and income-tax bills to 6, 12, or 24-month instalments. 

If you are spending much on daily essentials, an Everyday credit card SG is an appropriate card to earn cashback. Typical household expenses revolve around groceries, shopping, utilities, and dining and you can earn cash rebates on them. If you are at least 21 years of age with a 30,000 SGD per annum, you are eligible for an Everyday credit card.

Moreover, you need to upload the documents like the National Registration Identification Card (NRIC), recent pay slip for 3 months, and the last 3-month bank statement with salary credits or the last one-year CPF Contribution History Statement.

For those Singapore households with a high volume of spending on essentials, an Everyday credit card SG is the best option for they can enough cash rebates every time.    

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