EXANTE Broker donates 1 million dollars to Ukraine Children and Families

EXANTE, a brokerage company in international trade, sent $1,000,000 to UNICEF for children and their families who were affected by the current war in Ukraine.


EXANTE, a global brokerage company, provides investment services. It was founded in 2011 EXANTE allows clients to access over 400,000 financial products through a single account. After 11 years’ work, the broker’s personal assets reached $60 million. Investors had over $2 billion in assets.

  • Clients can access global, European, Asian and Pacific exchanges. A broker can also provide access to options markets, and the mutual fund platform. Investors can trade stocks or bonds, ETFs and foreign exchange instruments as well CFDs.
  • Operations are carried out under the authority of the CySEC and SFC Hong Kong. The broker has been licensed by Hong Kong and Cyprus. Securities are held in an independent depositorium. EXANTE accounts offer clients insurance. This guarantee covers compensation for any unforeseen circumstances.

EXANTE was awarded over 30 prestigious awards including: Investment Award. Diversity in Finance. Blockchain Awards. Digital Investment Company.

OTC and exchange trades are done through the same trading platform, which was created by the IT department.

Customers have the ability to access:

  • version for personal computers (Windows Linux MacOS Operating Systems are supported)
  • Software for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
  • Version adaptive browser-based (needs to be downloaded).

EXANTE isn’t just focused on private investors. The “pool” of counterparties includes institutional and legal market participants.

  • New users can trade demo in the portal by creating an account. Investors get access to the system and virtual $1,000,000 for opening positions.
  • You can get answers to your questions by the support team available 24/7. Each user gets a personal manager.

EXANTE trading terms are dependent on the platform where the trades are executed. To illustrate, the commission for opening and closing shares on US exchanges will cost $0.02. It is 0.08% + fees for Hong Kong Exchanges. They include clearing, exchange, and order execution fees.

Bank transfer is the best way to deposit and withdraw money. EXANTE supports 16 different currencies. Transactions can be made within 24 hours.


UNICEF operates as an international organization under the auspices United Nations. The International Children’s Emergency Fund was set up in 1946 in order to provide assistance for children living in countries affected by World War II. It began to focus its efforts on general welfare programs in the 1950s.

UNICEF places children’s rights to life and well being, as well as their full potential, first and foremost.

“Our values are respecting children’s life, prevention child abuse, development respect and tolerance towards their needs and necessities, promotion peace for all children. According to the official website of the office, children are considered the most valuable thing on the planet and their well-being is vital for their development.

UNICEF believes in the holistic development of all children. UNICEF finances social, educational, and medical services. The Convention on the Rights of the Child guides it since 1996.

The Foundation’s activities depend on voluntary donations. These can be made by individuals, companies or governments. The UN does NOT fund the Foundation. 60% of UNICEF’s contributions go to Least Developed Countries.

Situation in Ukraine and financial help to EXANTE

EXANTE International Broker announced a $1million donation for UNICEF to support children and their families affected by the current hostilities in Ukraine.

UNICEF representatives expressed concern about the current state of affairs. On 18 April, over 4 million Ukrainian citizens were forced out of the country and granted refugee status. 90% of them are children and women.

Representatives of UNICEF described Kiev’s situation as “a crisis in children’s human rights and a humanitarian tragedy.” UNICEF’s timely support from partners like EXANTE has enabled it to provide vital assistance for children and their families during times of need. – shared UNICEF Representative Carla Haddad Mardini.

  • EXANTE also worries about the growing hostilities. “Freedom, an inalienable and fundamental human right, is a human right. However, actions speak louder then words. At the shareholders’ meeting, everyone agreed to help thousands victims in Kyiv Kharkiv Odessa and other regions. We hope that directed financial aid will improve the situation. Alexey Kiriyenko (CEO of EXANTE) said this.

UNICEF financial support ensures that humanitarian aid is sent quickly to Ukrainian regions as well as neighboring countries. Today’s statistics reveal that there are more than 860 tonnes worth of basic necessities, personal care items, medical supplies, and warm clothing.

Kharkiv metro has become a bomb shelter and transport hub over the past few months. Children can have fun here by reading, playing art therapy and learning.

UNICEF is appealing to for more support due to military action. $349 Million is needed to provide immediate life-saving aid in Ukraine. Even a modest contribution can support 3.5 million people as well as 2.2 children. Follow EXANTE’s example and together we can make the difference.

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