An explainer video is a two-minute or shorter film that describes your product, service, or idea in a way that your audience can grasp. The four main points covered in an explainer video are as follows:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Features and Advantages
  • In addition, a call to action

An excellent Explainer video should have the following characteristics.

  1. It’s a quick read

You’re probably wondering how short it is. It usually takes less than two minutes to describe any product or service.

  1. Tone of Conversation

Use a conversational tone to let your audience connect with you.

  1. Concentrate on the product/advantages

Make sure to emphasise your product’s or service’s benefits rather than its characteristics.

  1. A strong call to action is included

With a compelling call-to-action, mention what you want your viewers to do. “Subscribe now,” “Register Now,” or “Sign up,” for example.

  1. Music that is unique to you

You can apply unique music and sound effects to suit the ambiance for better performance.

Types of Explainer Videos

Let’s go over the various sorts of explainer videos with examples in this section. This should assist you in determining the best video style for your company.

Videos of 2D Character Animation

Fun, animated characters and scenes are used in 2D character animation videos to tell your brand storey. They infuse the scenes with heart and intrigue. This video style is ideal if you want to give a personal touch to your business or establish a relaxed image.

Animation Videos using 2D Motion Graphics

Simple icons, images, or text are used to communicate your tale in 2D motion graphics animated films. This format is appropriate for businesses that need to explain a complex product or service.

Video Screencasts

Screencast explainer films are popular videos that use screenshots/recordings to show how your product/service is used in real-time. This video style is highly useful for onboarding new users, training your personnel, or providing a tutorial. This video style is available to everyone because of its low cost and ease of production.

Explainer Videos with Live-Action

Actors in live-action explainer videos demonstrate how easy it is to use your product/service in real-time. A live-action explainer film is an excellent way to develop personal interactions with potential consumers. To make this type of video, you can expect a large budget.

Explainer Videos in 3D Animation

The 3D animated video is another video type that you’re certainly familiar with. In this video, 3D movement elements are used in a digital setting. Because of the texturing, lighting, and live components, the items, and characters appear more realistic.

A 3D animated animation is a terrific option for you if you’re not on a restricted budget and have a hardware product.

When you realise that storytelling is one of the driving forces for the popularity of explainer videos, you have a very potent marketing weapon at your disposal with The Visual House (TVH).

The best thing is that explainer video services let you convey your originality and sense of humour in ways that the written word can’t. The idea is to ensure that you’re conveying the right storey to your audience, which includes knowing what they want to hear.

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