Facebook Ads Account Disabled: Here Is What You Must Know

Every advertiser has to deal with the issue of having their Facebook ads account disabled at some time. This has become a significant roadblock for those just thinking about advertising on Facebook.

And now it has come to pass for you as well. Even if you’ve been adhering to all of Facebook’s tight rules and practices, your ad account has been suspended.

Why is my FB Ad account disabled? The question is, how can you get it back to where it was? What can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? In the following sections, you’ll find the answers to these and other questions.

What’s Going On With Your Advertising Account That You Can’t Get Into?

To begin, let’s be clear that advertisers in Facebook’s Ads Manager may lose access to their accounts for two reasons:

● A personal account belonging to the advertiser has been temporarily disabled

● The ad account was shut down and blocked as a result

What’s Going On With Your Facebook Ad Account?

When describing the grounds for the account suspension, Facebook isn’t exactly terse. You’ll get a generic warning if your ad account has been tagged for rules breaches. 

For more information on why this occurred, review the Facebook Advertising Policies and make educated estimates about what, if anything, you may have done to cause it. Even if these lessons don’t help you recover your account, they will help you prevent future errors.

Your Facebook ads account disabled for a variety of reasons, two of which are as follows:

● Negative feedback has accumulated at an alarming rate.

● Infringement of Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines

When Facebook Deactivates Your Advertising Account, Here’s What You Can Do

The amount of money you spent on Facebook ads isn’t a compelling reason for Facebook to keep your account from being suspended. Disabling accounts that have previously spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertisements is standard procedure for the firm, and yours is not an exception.

Please wait and follow our suggestions instead of thinking about why is my FB Ad account disabled.

●      Make A Request To Have Your Facebook Advertising Account Unfrozen

The chances are that you were mistakenly banned from your account. Not actual humans, but algorithms review your adverts to make sure they comply with the guidelines. As well as being wrong.

Hence, the first step should be to contact Facebook and explain the problem. Request that a human examines your account if you believe it complies with the rules.

Facebook’s response time is slow since it is a massive company. The Facebook staff usually responds to ads within 12 hours to a few business days.

You can’t appeal if your Facebook ad account was deactivated because of a violation of Ad Policy.

●      Open A New Business Account

A new ad account may be necessary if your appeal has been refused or the answer is still pending, but you need to get your advertising running again.

It’s possible that a colleague or friend with a different Facebook user would be willing to establish an ad account for you and provide you admin privileges so that you can manage it.

Launch Ad’s professionals can also assist you. Their job is to help you get your initial campaigns off the ground and running smoothly. You will also learn how to start native ad campaigns from scratch and optimize them for maximum effectiveness.

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