Facebook vs Instagram-Complete Marketing Comparison

Are you ready to start a social media campaign to broaden your business? So, do you need a content creation platform that solves your marketing issues? Well, we are going to compare two of the top social media.

You can read about Instagram and Facebook in this article to get a better result. So, we will talk about Instagram vs Facebook and which one solves more problems.

You can read about their functionalities, audience, paid campaigns, and mobile-friendliness differences. At the same time, you can read about the stats, organic reach and algorithm differences. There will be much more for a better understanding of content creation.

Application Functionalities

Facebook and Instagram are different to the core when it comes to functionalities. So, you can use several different functionalities to make it look special. Facebook features are:

  • The news feed is one of the platform’splatform’s common features.
  • You can add anyone as a friend to connect with them and message them. It also allows you to see your friend’sfriend’s content when you connect.
  • The platform lets you comment on your friend’sfriend’s posts to tell them about something you like.
  • Likes and reactions are the most common functionalities you can use for your content creation.
  • Timeline allows you to connect with your friends more easily and effectively.

Instagram Features:

On the other hand, Instagram has several functionalities you can try out for better results, like:

  • Live Rooms are among the top benefits you can get when creating content. These rooms allow you to connect with people online and sell your products.
  • You can try pinned comments to inform your audience about your best reviews. This functionality does not exist on Facebook, which makes Instagram Marketing more special.
  • Try using gift cards on Instagram to make it a special platform for your content.
  • An interactive bio can be amazingly useful and help you build links. It allows you to let people know about your landing pages and websites.
  • Food orders are a useful method to run your food brand online.
  • Instagram has a professional dashboard that allows you to track your performance. So, you can use it to access tools you find in one place.

The stats Game


  • Facebook is a platform having 79 percent active monthly users.
  • Fifteen percent of Facebook users are males between 25 to 34.
  • The stats tell us that 72 percent of Facebook users would not believe that platform has the right privacy policy.
  • It is believed that 69 percnet of Americans use this platform.

These demographical stats tell us how you can use these for better reach.


  • 17 percent of men on Instagram are aged 18 to 24.
  • 59 per cent of the platforms use it daily.
  • The average engagement on Instagram is 0.98 percent.
  • The posting times for the platform are different from Facebook.

These social media platforms can help you create your following. So, try to find out which of these demographics work for your business. Once you know your customers’ demographics, you can beat your audience with.

Instagram success can bring you sales and conversions, so using it can be beneficial. If you are running a UK-based business, you can Buy Instagram Likes Uk to make it look special.  

Mobile Friendliness

The experts believe that you can use Instagram’s mobile-friendliness to create better content.


The huge difference between Instagram and Facebook algorithms can bring more help. Facebook marketing can help you grow your results for almost all types of brands.

Similarities in Algorithms

Although Instagram and Facebook are not the same when it comes to algorithms, similarities are these:

  • Relevance in the content and the content receivers is huge, which molds your content feed.
  •  Another factor that determines post reach is audience interests.

Organic Reach

A platform’s organic reach depends on different factors like the following:

  • It depends on the way people normally interact with your posts. This means if people like your posts on Instagram, you can get more reach, improving your marketing.
  • Posting on different topics can also improve your marketing results. So, try using different types of content for marketing as well.
  • The time and day you post would also determine your organic reach. For instance, if you can reach more if you are posting at the right time.
  • Tagging someone can help you improve your marketing so try it out as well.

The Platform Vibes

There are two different types of vibes that you find on these platforms. Instagram has a vibe that Facebook does not contain, so try to know the two well. For instance, Instagram is more visual, while Facebook also uses text.

At the same time, you may consider Facebook a more private platform. On the other hand, people love using Instagram for professional uses.

Income Levels Difference

Income differences between Instagram and Facebook brands can be a big difference you find. So, Instagram has higher income rates than Facebook, which makes it special for creators.

Marketing Effectiveness

The two platforms have different marketing effectiveness levels, making them special. You can use Instagram for the following benefits:

  • Instagram Stories allow you to engage people, and you can use it to sell products. You can capture more sales and other conversions with this feature.
  • Interactive bio is a great Instagram feature that allows better sales and website visits. So, try to use it to get more people to your website to sell from there.
  • Filters are another function that allows you to create your content in certain ways. This feature helps create a certain content look to make it look special.
  • Try using Instagram Stories to introduce your products and create brand awareness. It can help you reach people who love buying from you or will buy in future.


  • The live feature allows you to create a great hype for your content creation. You can use it to promote your brand and broadcast events.
  • You can try using video posts for multiple content types on the platform. So, use it to create content that helps you get more followers and sales.

Engagement Rate Comparison

Facebook is one of the top social media on the internet, so it has billions of users. It does not stand firm when we compare the platforms’ engagement rates. You can use this engagement rate to bring more sales and bring conversions.

Surveys tell that it offers an engagement rate of 0.064 percent.

On the other hand, Instagram has an engagement rate of 1 to 6 for different brands.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns can help you create amazing results for any type of content creation. It allows you to do paid campaigns help to reach more people and sell more. So, brands looking to reach more audiences benefit big time from paid campaigns online.

Hashtag Use

Hashtag use has nothing as important on Facebook as it used to be earlier. On the other hand, you can use hashtags to improve Instagram’s organic reach.

You can also follow a hashtag on Instagram that give more reach to content creators. This means you can filter your posts according to relevance and get results.

Use for Ecommerce

Using shoppable posts can help you create more results for marketing. So, you can use these posts on Instagram to reach more people and sell more. At the same time, you can create your shop to sell online.

Shops are another great feature that you can use for sales on Instagram. Users can avail of shopping tags in Explore tab that directs them to products. The platform also allows you to sell products with collections.

If you are looking to reach local businesses, you can try to get followers in your area. So, try to get growth services for sales and credibility online. For this purpose, you can Buy Instagram Followers Ukfor incredible credibility.

Difference In content Types

There is a huge difference in content types between the two platforms. For instance, Instagram has a lot of original content that you can see. On the other hand, Facebook contains a lot of curated posts that people share in their circles.

At the same time, if you are looking to use event content, you can use Instagram. You can use Facebook for news content and for text content too.

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the top Instagram and Facebook features for marketing. We tried to understand the top features that can help you grow as a marketer and what you should use. From Instagram features like Live, hashtags, Stories, and types of content.

On the other hand, you can use Facebook for paid campaigns, video, and text posts. It also allows you to create engagement and more sales. So, try using both social media to sell more and get more conversions online.

Both have their own specialities and work amazingly well for the amazing benefits they provide. Using them can improve results without any problems in social media marketing. So, you must try them for your marketing needs that they can fulfil.

You just have to get the best results by knowing which one works best for you.

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