Fake College Degree Makes a Good Personal Copy?

 Fake College Degree Makes a Good Personal Copy?

Like any sane member of society, you may be afraid to mention a fake college degree. Surely people who buy fake degrees don’t have bad intentions like fake degrees to get jobs or positions they are not really qualified for? It is not true. There are times when a fake college degree is a good copy for personal use, especially if you want to protect the original.

You should have a copy of your degree, but it doesn’t always have to be real — this article explores when a fake copy is acceptable.

Is a Fake College Degree Illegal?

Before you even think about buying a fake college degree, you need to make sure it’s genuine. There is currently no law prohibiting the purchase or possession of a fake diploma. There is no harm in hanging a fake diploma on the wall, and it is perfectly legal.

However, there are consequences if you use a fake university degree to get a job or position. At least you can be fired, but you can be charged with fraud. Depending on the state you live in, this charge can be a misdemeanour or a felony.

In more serious cases, for example, impersonating a doctor can be charged with negligent homicide and manslaughter. Because of this, the most important part of getting a fake diploma is how to use it responsibly. Perfect as an original gift or wall decoration. A shortcut to years of education and experience? Instead, try signing up for online classes or volunteering.

However, if you already have a real degree and just use a fake copy, you won’t be falsifying credentials, so you won’t face more serious consequences.

When is a fake college degree a good copy?

Now you know that it is legal to get a fake college degree. However, you may not be sure that you can use it while you have the actual degree. Why buy a fake copy of your diploma? What can a fake copy do that your real copy can’t? Here are three scenarios where you will discover the practical benefits of a fake university degree.

1. If you want to protect the original of your diploma

A diploma is an important official document and has an appropriate design – a golden seal, thin text and light yellow parchment paper. It symbolises your achievements and reflects the years of hard work you put into your degree. This can be a source of frustration, and rightly so.

It is quite clear that you want to graduate. But in the end your degree is just paper, and paper is fragile. What happens if you accidentally spill a liquid? What if there is a crack or tear? What if you are not wrong? What if someone steals? If you decide to hang or hide your diploma on the wall, here are some options.

When you buy a quality fake, no one will notice the difference and you get the best of both worlds – bragging rights and standard grade.

2. When to present the diploma at work;

As previously mentioned, using a fake college degree to get a job without credentials is a bad idea. However, if you already have your credentials and need to show off your degree at work, a fake certificate is a good option. Most jobs don’t require a degree, but if you’re looking to find a job, be prepared.

If you have sent a fake copy of your diploma, it is good to know that the document is genuine – explain that you keep the original at home, but the copy you are sending is a true copy. If they really ask for an official copy, you should, but if they do, don’t worry about your university getting lost in a pile of other documents.

3. If you have lost your original copy;

Even if you are as careful as possible, sometimes you lose the original. Contact the university and request a substitute officer, but it can take a lot of time and money. At this point, you can get a temporary “fake” replacement sample. This is not an official replacement – consider it urgent and explain the status of your original copy if asked. Also do not change the details of your fake copy as it will lead to fraud.

Get a fake diploma of your personal copy today;

A Fake Diploma can be great as a personal copy. You can use your legitimate degree without worrying about document security and even make as many copies as you want. If you would like a fake copy of your diploma, contact Same Day Diplomas today to see the options available!

Make sure you always use your fake diploma responsibly and never use it to misrepresent yourself.

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