FAQs Related to Asbestos Testing

 FAQs Related to Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing

A mineral fiber called asbestos was a long back used in the building material, especially in textured and insulation mediums for walls and ceilings. But now, it has been proved that it is one of the hazardous materials. However, there are lots of old houses and buildings that consist of this hazardous material.

You do not have to worry about its presence as far as it is undisturbed. However, if you demolish the area for renovation, it becomes airborne. When you and other people get exposed to these small airborne particles, it can lead to various health issues. You can suffer from respiratory disorders and lung cancer due to these airborne particles. To maintain a safe environment, you need to get asbestos testing done so that you can know about its presence and take necessary action before going ahead with the renovation.

Before going ahead with the asbestos testing, there will be several questions going in your mind. Here are some of your queries and concerns answered:

Why Asbestos Is Harmful?

Small and thin asbestos particles when inhaled get stuck in the lung tissues. These particles do not dissolve, rather create irritation, and block the tissue. Due to this, a person might get affected by some diseases like pleural plaques, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

When do you need to get the testing of asbestos done?

Are you planning to repair, remodel, or demolish your property? Before applying for the permit, you must get the testing for asbestos done. Even though you can get the permit, you will not be able to go ahead with your project if the testing of asbestos is not done. Especially, it is applicable for the old properties. It is because it puts the life of the people working in and around the property in danger. Hence, make sure if you get the asbestos testing done to avoid such threats.

Asbestos Testing
Asbestos Testing

What qualifications are needed for an asbestos testing consultant?

A professional and reliable asbestos testing consultant is certified through the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act. The professional that has this certification is allowed to test samples, prepare documents, and report the potential presence of asbestos. But you cannot remove such asbestos by your DIY tools, and you need to hire a professional asbestos removal service for the same.

Is it possible for you to take samples and send the samples to the lab?

No, it is always recommended that a certified inspector carries out the asbestos testing. He is the one that will gather the samples and develop the survey document. If you find asbestos in your property, then you need to remove them by professional services and dispose the off in a scientific way.

What does the report of the testing include?

The report of testing asbestos comprises the list of potential materials that might contain asbestos, pictures of the testing sites, a floor plan denoting the sample locations, and the outcome of the lab.

How much time do you have to wait to get the result after asbestos testing?

Normally, it takes around five working days to get the report of the asbestos test. If the asbestos test is complicated, it might take around ten working days to get the report. In case of an emergency, you can request an emergency report.

You need to do everything that is in your power to restrict the risks of asbestos exposure by getting your home asbestos tested. There are lots of benefits of asbestos testing done. The benefits are going to surely overweigh the cost which you spent on the testing. Make sure that you hire the right testing consultant to get an authentic report.


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