Favourites and Underdogs – 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Throughout the months of November and December, quite literally billions of people around the globe will be glued to their screens, avidly following the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. After all this is the greatest show on Earth, certainly in terms of the ‘beautiful game’ itself, as Brazilian legend Pele once called football.

Some are already estimating this could be the most-watched football tournament ever, largely thanks to TV broadcasting and the increased access to online streaming, as fans tune in to watch the action unfold. But which teams are fancied to have the best chance of winning the World Cup? And which teams are expected to flop spectacularly?

The best indication is often based upon what the bookies predict, because they always take every detail into account when calculating their odds. Based upon the most competitive odds available, checking through the best online sports betting sites reviewed and rated by SBO, we can find excellent guides and advice. This helps us identify teams regarded as favourites and those considered to be underdogs.

Favourites – Brazil

They are often regarded as habitual favourites heading into any World Cup tournament, although this time Brazil arguably boast their strongest squad for a generation. Heading into the 2022 FIFA World Cup, their team will be packed with genuinely world-class talents, and expectations couldn’t be any higher.

When looking through recent squad lists, the current crop are quite literally a who’s who of the most in-form players around, including the likes of PSG wizard Neymar and Tottenham forward Richarlison. But they are just the tip of the iceberg when evaluating Brazil, a side blessed with fabulous talent in every position.

Underdogs – Saudi Arabia

Having been handed the longest odds when it comes to actually lifting the trophy, which is obviously hugely unlikely, Saudi Arabia have been priced as the biggest underdogs appearing at the 2022 World Cup. But does this mean we should simply take them for granted? Certainly not, because they could also be capable of causing some genuine upsets.

Saudi Arabia might not feature any household names in the global game, with every footballer in recent selections playing for clubs within the Middle East region, yet it could also inspire quite an impressive team spirit within the squad. Likewise, playing at a tournament hosted in the neighbouring country of Qatar, that could be an added motivation to perform well.

Favourites – France

Looking at the current odds, reigning champions France will have a great chance of winning a second consecutive World Cup, although all is not well given recent form and results. Their UEFA Nations League campaign was awful, only just avoiding the loss of their place amongst the top teams, after being defeated 2-0 in Denmark.

According to Marca, star striker Kylian Mbappe produced his worst game with France, while there also appears to be a lack of harmony surrounding the squad. Nevertheless, this is hardly new territory for the national team, which is always under the spotlight, yet always capable of coming good at just the right time.

Underdogs – Costa Rica

The first thing to highlight about Costa Rica is that despite being huge underdogs, and the team with the longest odds heading into the 2022- World Cup, they have turned out to be one of the most fascinating teams at previous tournaments. Even when drawn in tough groups, they often have a knack for producing remarkable and stunning results.

Costa Rica will need all the luck they can muster this time, drawn in Group E with Spain, Germany, and Japan. But while they aren’t expected to make the knockout phase of the tournament, don’t write off their chances just yet. This is a nation which proudly reached the quarter-finals in 2014, which means that underestimating them would be quite foolish.

Big Stage for Huge Upsets?

Easily one of the most enticing things about football is that when matches begin, regardless of the respective quality on paper or the odds favouring one team, this is a sport of eleven versus eleven. Anything can happen during the ninety minutes or extra-time, should that be required, not to mention the chance of penalty shoot-outs, which can often become a lottery.

This is what makes World Cup tournaments all the more exciting, because on their day, even the least fancied underdogs can beat the most fancied favourites. The 2022 event in Qatar is likely to be no different in this regard, so always expect the unexpected, especially when certain teams have nothing to lose and play with increased pride, when up against the top sides.

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