The Top 8 Features of the New Windows 11 Update

 The Top 8 Features of the New Windows 11 Update

As many Windows users are now switching to the New Windows 11 OS version, a lot of people are asking how it is different from the previous versions. Well, it is not complete revamp from the previous Windows version, but it still has many new exciting features in it.  

The interface is now more refined with quick access to different apps. You can connect with your team or BPO services representatives through Microsoft Teams which is now accessible from the taskbar by default. Check out other exciting changes in this article.  

Android App Support 

One of the biggest leaps New Windows 11 takes over its predecessors is that you can now run Android applications. You do not need third-party app launchers like BlueStacks to run Android applications anymore. However, to download the Android applications, you need to install the Amazon Appstore first from the Microsoft Store. From this Amazon Appstore, you can download different applications and use them on your computer. You should know that at the time of writing this article, you can only download limited apps. But these numbers are sure to increase in the future. 

A Modernized Startup Menu  

One thing you’ll first notice in the OS is a different Startup menu. The change is all your frequently used apps and other apps you could use appear in a more organized manner. It takes a while to adjust to this new user interface. But once you get used to it, you may like it and find it time-saving. Also, the icons on the taskbar that were originally on the left are now in the middle.  

Access to Multiple Applications Simultaneously 

A notable feature for multitaskers on New Windows 11 is Snap Assist. You can adjust four applications in the layout and work on them. On Windows 10, you had to pin each application separately following a somewhat complex method. Also, this reduces the need to have two monitors on a computer. So, you can use this new feature to maximize productivity.  

Enhanced Touch Experience 

A notable feature of New Windows 11 is its more optimized touch experience. The touch keyboard and different gestures are now more responsive. So, if you are a fan of the onscreen keyboard, you will like it more than Windows 10. These features have made using your laptops in laptop mode easier and more convenient. You can notice clear differences when you are using touchscreen computers.  

Better Xbox Gaming Experience 

Like Windows 8 and 10, New Windows 11 also has an Xbox application where you can play hundreds of Xbox games on Xbox Game Pass. You can access the Xbox application straight from the taskbar on New Windows 11. When you open the Xbox app to play games, the experience is redefined. The automatically enabled HDR adjusts the lighting to enhance the gaming experience. So, Xbox gaming on Windows has taken a major leap.  

Redesigned Microsoft Store 

Out of Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Microsoft Store, Microsoft Store used to be the least user-friendly. Neither UI nor UX of the store was user-friendly in Microsoft’s application store. But with the new Windows, Microsoft has changed. And the good thing is that changes are for the better. It is safe to say that Microsoft is now starting to catch up in its app store department.  

New Action Center Interface 

Another notable difference is in the Windows Action Center. Now it is more pleasing with limited control elements on the display. You can see internet connection, Bluetooth connection, flight mode, and a few more options. Even the notifications are more pleasing in this new interface. The Action Center looks more like what we usually see in Android devices. You can even control the media like music playing through Spotify or some other application.  

New Windows 11 Smart Widgets 

Widgets is another department where changes are noticeable and what we usually see on mobile devices. You can get sports updates, weather forecasts, news stories, and other suggested widgets by pressing the Window and W key together or hovering on the left side of the taskbar. You can also customize these widgets to your preference. So, have the information you want more easily accessible to you.  


New Windows 11 has come with many pleasing features on top of the standard Windows 10 features. Now, you can install and use Android applications straight from your PC. Also, there are other changes like redesigned startup menu and action center, better game support, Teams configuration, and accessing multiple screens easily. Som there are plenty of good additions to this latest version of Windows. 


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