Female Traditional Pakistani Dress |Pakistani Traditional Dress

 Female Traditional Pakistani Dress |Pakistani Traditional Dress


Pakistani people and culture are distinct in their way of life, concepts, and morals. Traditional Pakistani attire symbolises Pakistan’s character as well as the ethos of the provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Kashmir. Click here to view Shireen Lakdawala.

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The Pakistani costume culture has evolved through depicting customs and thousands of years of heritage. Clothing is a nation’s identity. In each local culture, the costume imitates the climatic conditions, lifestyle, and distinctive design, which provides it with a distinct identity in all values.

Pakistan’s National Outfit:

The salwar kameez is Pakistan’s national dress, and it is worn by both men and women in all four regions. Meanwhile, beginning in 1984, all Government representatives working in the Secretariat were required to wear the national uniform. Each state has its own salwar kameez style. Punjabi salwar kameez, Sindhi salwar kameez, Pashtun salwar kameez, and Balochi salwar kameez are the most well-known.

Ladies’ Salwar Kameez:

Pakistani women wear salwar suits with a variety of designs, colours, and embroideries, as well as distinctive styles and embellished designs. The size of the kameez and sleeves can differ depending on the design. Beautiful straight cut pants, Patiala salwar, Tulip salwar, Churidar pyjamas, tight Pajamas, long Pajamas, or plain trousers can be worn with kameez.

Kurta with Salwar Kameez:

Pakistani males typically wear Salwar Kameez, and some also wear Pakistani jackets. In Pakistan, the kurta is an important traditional garment. It resembles a sack that is encircled by a thread. The kurta’s size extends to the wearer’s laps. Kurtas can be worn with either salwars or pants. Gents, too, prefer to wear a coat with a kurta or a trouser kurta and pants. It enhances the overall aesthetic of the clothing.


Sherwani is mostly a long coat that falls below the knee. It is regarded as the ideal costume for her particular occasion and distinguishes you from the rest of the world’s people. It is a traditional outfit infused with western aesthetics, as well as a symbol of cultural morals. Sherwani is the most appropriate formal attire for a wedding ceremony. It is often consists of sufficient fibre, cutwork, and embroidery. The most frequent sherwani colours are gold, maroon, and black.

After Pakistan’s independence, Quaid-e-Azam commonly wore sherwani. Furthermore, for official occasions and national tours, most individuals and government leaders in Pakistan, including the leader and prime minister, began to wear the black sherwani over a salwar kurta.

Clothing for the Region:

To keep warm from the Kharan Desert breezes, the Baloch wear heavy material salwar kurta with very diverse salwar’s in a regional dress. They are dressed in a full-sleeved Balochi dress with a cap to protect their heads from the sun’s rays.

Sindhis dress in salwar kurtas with traditional Sindhi caps and beautiful ajrak. According to Punjabi fashion, males wear salwar kurta and dhoti kurta. A squeaky cloth turban is also worn with a salwar kurta, especially in Punjab’s metropolitan areas where it is referred as as a turban.

Khussa is also worn with dhoti kameez. Persons dressed in a Pashtun costume wear traditional professional chapel attire.

By females’ religious attire, we mean clothing that allows them to cover their entire body, except for their face and hands, once they leave the house. Most ladies wear a Dupatta or shawl to conceal their bodies, but religious women wear a Scarf or gown.

Pakistani Traditional Dress:

Each country has its own ethical clothing. Pakistan is in the same boat. The salwar kurta is our ethical outfit. It is suitable for all males, girls, and children in Pakistan. It is well-known throughout Pakistan’s regions, towns, and cities.

Sindh Dresses:

Sindhis wear a type of salwar called Suntan, which is accompanied by a shirt called Chola. Sindhi caps and Ajrak beautiful styles produced locally are also examples of ethical apparel. A dhoti is also worn by men.

Sindhi females wear lehenga and gharara called goji, a foothill shirt used in Sindh’s underdeveloped areas. Goji is made up of miniature, authentic panes that have been embroidered on chiffon and tinsels. Therefore, Glass is used to thoroughly adorn Sindhi dress.

Punjabi Dresses:

Punjabi men dress in traditional salwar kurtas, lungis, and dhotis. Multani Salwar, Pothohari Salwar, and Bahawalpur Salwar are more Punjabi salwar designs that are quite different and rich in layers. A high turban is also used in Punjab’s metropolitan districts, where it is known as pager with khussa.

Punjabi ladies dress in traditional attire. Punjabi salwar kurta, which is commonly seen in cities. Therefore, Pothohari salwar, tuple salwar, laacha, Gogra, kurta, sharara, and lehengas are also popular among Punjabi women.

Clothing in Baluchistan:

A Baloch dresses in a long pyjama, such as a smoky dress, a shaky salwar, a long cheddar, or a scarf. Along with a turban made of lawn fabric, and the nicest of the shoes are tucked beneath the bottoms.

Baluchistan’s clothing includes a variety of kurtas and salwars, as well as turbans, footwear, and a scarf. Balochi women dress in heavily embroidered salwar shirts and dupattas with mirror work adornment. Therefore, Balochi Dutch, a well-known Balochi outfit, is very exclusive, with a single Balochi outfit requiring months to complete.

Most importantly, fans from all over the world go to the Balochi Chapel.

What is the most recent fashion trend in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the latest fashion is short shirts with straight pants. This year, short shirts will be more appealing due to their vibrant colours and designs. In 2021, several designers will release short shirts with unique cuts, designs, and graceful styles, providing us with a diverse selection of short shirts. Therefore, With high-quality fabrics, these shirts are ideal for both the spring and summer seasons. Straight trousers in a single hue with buttons will give you the slimmest and smartest appearance.

Where Can I Purchase Traditional Pakistani Clothing?

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Pakistani dress refers to traditional clothing worn by people in Pakistan. Pakistani ethical attire symbolizes Pakistan’s ethos, as well as demographics and ethos from the country’s Punjab, Pashtuns, Sindh, and Balochistan areas. The attire of each regional ethos reflects climate circumstances, lifestyle, and an outstanding design that provides it with a distinct character among all civilizations. Please visit Pakistani designer dresses.

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