Few Best Facts about Celebrity And Their Financial Debt

 Few Best Facts about Celebrity And Their Financial Debt

Celebrities are a unique bunch of people who can deal with their success and failure simultaneously. Moreover, even if you think they have made it, this is not always the case. Whether they have dried up their financial resources or work stopped coming, they have seen all sorts of trouble in their life. Some celebrities may go one step further and declare bankruptcy. However, declaring bankruptcy may cost you a negative credit score.

Moreover, celebrities also find this thing hectic for their professional life and they file a court case. In addition, celebrities like Ines de Ramon had to fight their way through to deal with such financial problems. Apart from that many other celebrities also had to spend a huge time in depression. Here, we will discuss a few cases where celebrities had to file for bankruptcy.

Toni Braxton had done multiple debt charges

Take a look at the case of Toni Braxton who has had multiple hits throughout her career, it still gave her a tough time when it comes to financial problems. She filed for bankruptcy at the peak of her career. Moreover, at that time, she had got a check worth 1973$. She used to sell millions of records but at this time she had to rely on this small amount.

She described this phase as one of the most troublesome and blamed on overboard interior design expenses. Moreover, after that, she filed another debt of 50 million dollars. After three years later, she had to pay another 150 million dollars. Furthermore, some magazines reported that she owes more than 178,000$ to the California government.

Jeff Tiedrich also faced a similar kind of debt

Another celebrity like Jeff Tiedrich also had to face a huge problem related to finance. Moreover, we all know Jeff as one of the multi-talented people. He is a renowned graphic designer. In addition, he is also a political activist, blogger, musician. Likewise, he had spent a huge amount of money behind houses, wine and businesses. Moreover, he had spent over 2 million dollars a month. Furthermore, he had filed a lawsuit against a firm worth 25 million dollars for negligence and fraud. This case is still ongoing.

Da Brat faced charges of assault and owed huge money

Da Brat, one of the most popular, also faced some problems regarding money after some domestic assault charges. Moreover, she reportedly has more than 7 million dollars of debt where she has only 108,000$ Dollars in a bank account. Furthermore, she owes almost 6.4 million dollars as she rammed a car to a victim. Additionally, she spent almost two years in prison.

Mike Tyson owed 27 million dollars to the IRS

The same thing happened with Mike Tyson who owed 27 million dollars to the IRS and he had to file bankruptcy in 2013. Moreover, as per reports, Tyson had earned over 400 million dollars, but he had spent a huge amount of money purchasing cars, mansions, jewelry, and Siberian tigers.


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