Here Are Few Most popular and best series on YouTube

 Here Are Few Most popular and best series on YouTube

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai has been, probably, the most popular and one of the best series on YouTube. The fans of Mr. Miyagi have in this series a mandatory viewing with a story that places us thirty years after The Karate Kid, thirty years after the 1984 championship. After going through a bad streak, Jonny decides to reopen Cobra Kai and this will return the rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, currently a successful businessman.

The two will once again confront not only each other but with their past, with their current memories and frustrations. They will do it in the best way and that any fan expects: with karate. If you can only watch one series on YouTube, Cobra Kai is the most essential. A story in which the fight is not lacking, “a legendary rivalry ” but also a new generation that is looking for sensei and that, as its own trailer says, will learn “a fighting method that your generation of shit desperately needs”. shameless season 12 is also good web series to watch.

Year: 2018

Chapters: Two seasons (a third confirmed) and twenty episodes

Duration: Half an hour per chapter

Theme: Karate and action


Tom Felton and Natalia Tena, characters from Harry Potter, are also the protagonists of one of YouTube’s sci-fi thrillers: Origin. Origin tells us the story of a spaceship that travels to an unknown planet, although not everything goes according to plan and a group of people is abandoned in it. They will have to survive. The characters wake up aboard the ship and must know why there is no one with them or why it has not arrived correctly where it was planned. A series in which science fiction is not lacking, but neither is galactic terror in a space version of Lost in which we will get to know the characters in flashback format while learning about their adventures or problems on the ship.

Year: 2018

Chapters: One season, 10 episodes

Duration: About 40 minutes per chapter

Theme: Science fiction, horror

Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force

Based on the popular fruit-slicing game, Fruit Ninja is a children’s animated series produced by HalfbrickTudios, the game developer. One of the best animated YouTube series in which four ninjas (Seb, Niya, Ralph, and Peng) are the protagonists. Four young ninjas rehearse and practice Juice-Jitsu, their peculiar martial art, to defeat the villain, Durian Gray. Young people must learn to use their powers, practice them together with the sensei, and train in secret to become the most powerful. A fun series with the theme of the video game, striking and fun that you can see from the Halfbrick Studios YouTuebbe channel with episodes of less than fifteen minutes of adventure, action, and many many fruits to cut.

Year: 2018

Chapters: One season, 12 episodes

Duration: About twelve minutes per chapter

Theme: Animation


Lifeline is a futuristic action series. A YouTube Red original series released in 2018 that you can watch now and is ideal for fans of sci-fi or action. Half-hour episodes tell us the story of two agents from the future who have been sent by their company to the future. They will travel back in time to find out what the causes of some of their clients are and thus they will be able to prevent them before they occur and save their lives. A journey through time in which there is no lack of action but also love or even drama between this time jumps and missions.

Year: 2017

Chapters: One season, 8 episodes

Duration: About 20 or 25 minutes per chapter

Theme: Action and science fiction Read more about Daniel Macchio a famous actor and composer.


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