Final Inspection Guide to TENANT Cleaning

 Final Inspection Guide to TENANT Cleaning

According to the residential tenancies bond authority, every tenant has to sign the bond claim form for a refund of bond money. But, the bond money can only be refunded after the successful final inspection of the property. When you have the property on rent then tenant cleaning is your obligation. You can get the tenant cleaning approximately at the best when you have a checklist.

If you live in the rental property, you must know that at the end of the lease the landlord pays a visit for the final inspection. So, it is the responsibility of the tenant to make the property ready before the final inspection.

The process of cleaning the property before the final inspection is called the end of lease or bond cleaning in Perth. The bond cleaning in Perth is not like daily routine cleaning. Bond back cleaning in Perth includes deep cleaning from every nook and cranny of the property.

Instructions for bond cleaning in Perth;

Why do you need instructions when professional cleaners are there to perform this duty for you? Many people hire professional cleaners for the sake of taking bond money back from the landlord. However, people prefer doing bond cleaning in Perth by themselves. 

So, they need to know the basic guidelines to make the property ready for the final inspection. Professional bond cleaners in Perth follow the standard checklist for deep cleaning the rental property. So, it is important to know the common person what is included in the checklist to make the property ready for the final inspection.


The interior of the property is the main area that needs to be perfectly cleaned. The interior of the property is the place where most people spend time. Therefore, the interior needs a proper deep cleaning. If you left anything unclean, it may trigger the owner, and you may lose your bond money.

The interior area of the property includes;

Deep cleaning of the rooms

  1. Cleaning of all the rooms
  2. All the walls from top to bottom including dust, grime, stains and cobweb etc.
  3. Deep cleaning of the floors
  4. All ceiling fans and exhausting fans the throughout the property
  5. Clean all the windows properly
  6. Remove the dust from all the air vents.
  7. Vacuum the furniture thoroughly
  8. Clean the wardrobe and storage areas
  9. Wipe and clean the mirrors of all the rooms
  10.  Clean the dust and grime from the doors and door frames.
  11. Do small fitting and fixtures on demand
  12.  Clean all the tracks and sills of the entire interior area.

Clean the carpets and rugs

  1. If you have carpets and rugs in your rental property, you have to vacuum them thoroughly. Morover, you can do carpet cleaning in Perth with different DIY methods or you can hire domestic cleaners for steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning in Perth is popular because carpets and rugs clean deeply like they are new.
  2. When you perform carpet cleaning by yourself, it may not meet the standard of professional cleaners.

Deeply clean the kitchen

Kitchen cleaning at the end of the lease include

  1. Clean tiles and walls of the kitchen completely and perfectly
  2. The oven and grill should be given higher priority. Clean all the residue and grease from the oven and grill
  3. Clean the stove properly.
  4. Wipeout all the shelves, countertops and dishwasher
  5. Clean the cabinets and storage areas from inside and out.
  6. Remove the dust and dirt from the kitchen table and chairs.
  7. All the utensils organising must take place
  8. Clean and filter the complete ring hood.


Bathroom cleaning of bond cleaning in Perth includes;

  1. Firstly, deep wall and floor cleaning
  2. Secondly, clean and sanitise the bathtub, shower recess, and screen
  3. Thirdly, toilet, all the tabs, bowl and seat thoroughly clean  and sanitise it
  4. Clean and wipe the washbasin and bathroom mirror
  5. Finally, all the storage areas should be cleaned.


The exterior of the property is the main entrance. Therefore, clean that area with proper care. Moreover, the exterior of the property includes;


  1. First of all, trim the grass
  2. Secondly, remove the dead leave and dead plants
  3. Clean the garden furniture such as tables and chairs
  4. Leave no rubbish in the garden or around the property area.


Clean the pool at the correct pH level.


Clean the driveways, porch and other concrete areas from oil and grease.

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