Find A Place In A Credible Australian Institution With Student Visa Subclass 500

 Find A Place In A Credible Australian Institution With Student Visa Subclass 500

Over the years, Australia has remained one of the most preferred destinations for international students. Right now, 8 Australian universities are placed among the 100 best universities in the world. The most popular reason behind such an impressive record is the dynamic learning atmosphere the country offers. To study at your desired college in Australia, you will need a valid Australian student visa, which we discuss in this write-up.

What Australian Study Visa Should You Need?

It is much easier to get an Australian student visa relative to other countries. Once you get the confirmation about your enrolment in a full-time course at an Australian educational institute, you can apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500. This visa will offer you a number of benefits, as follows.

  • You can take part in an eligible study course.
  • Family members are allowed.
  • You can apply for this visa online from outside Australia.
  • You can travel within the country and abroad.
  • It will enable you to work for a maximum of 40 hours every fortnight.
  • It will let you live in the country for 5 years, after which you can apply for an extension. 

The visa takes about one month to get processed. You can make your application 124 days before starting your course and enter Australia 90 days before its commencement.

How Do You Apply To The University?

The Australian authority generally offers three options to apply to the university or institute. You can apply through the university’s website, by an external education agent, or through a local university. You should check which option suits you best and then apply. 

How Can You Apply For The Visa?

You can apply for the Student Visa subclass 500 in just five steps.

  • In the first step, you have to gather the necessary documents.
  • The documents will include your identity proofs, academic, character, and other official documents.
  • Next, you have to apply for the visa online.
  • The authority will inform you once they receive the visa application.
  • You have to wait for the visa decision.

The process is pretty complicated, so it is recommended to hire a qualified migration agent in Perth who can ease the job.

What Are The Requirements For The Australian Student Visa?

For a successful application, you must meet the following Student Visa 500 requirements.

  • To be eligible for an Australian student visa, your course should be full-time, registered, and offered by any university or training institute registered with the Government of Australia. In this case, the course should have proper registration with the Commonwealth Register for Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). This register maintains a list of courses and institutions that get permission to educate overseas students from Australia’s different state and territorial administrations. 
  • An electronic copy of the CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) is one of the mandatory documents you have to submit at the time of application. You have to apply to the University for this Certificate as it will genuinely confirm your admission to an educational institute in Australia. However, it is crucial to know the step-by-step procedure to get the certification. After selecting your chosen course, the university or the institute will send you a letter of offer. You should confirm you accept the offer and pay the required admission fees. 
  • Another required document is the Genuine Temporary Entrant statement (GTE). It will act as evidence of your intention to come here for study only and that you have no plans to live permanently. 
  • Important identity documents like your passport and a national identity card will be required. If applicable, you should also submit the papers of the name change.
  • Four copies of recent passport-sized photographs will be required. 
  • You have to submit the certified copies of previous academic records.
  • As an international student in Australia, you will need to have a valid insurance provider’s Overseas Student Health Cover. For help, you can ask your university. 
  • If you are from any non-native English speaking country, you will be required to submit scores of tests like IELTS, PTE Academic, or TOEFL. The required level of knowledge varies from course to course. So, you should check it before applying. 
  • You must submit proof that you have made the payment for the visa application.
  • For a successful student visa application, you have to show that you can financially cover all your expenses during your stay in Australia. Expenses will usually include travel costs, living costs, and tuition fees.
  • You have to provide the necessary health documents. The Department of Immigration will let you know if you are required to go through any health check-ups or not.
  • For character requirements, you have to submit a valid certificate to show that you have no records of criminal activity.

If you require any additional documents, the university administration will inform you.

What Are The Study Costs In Australia?

The cost Of studying in Australia depends on the level you are enrolling in and the stream you choose. Arts, Humanities, and Education courses require much less fees, while science, Medicine, and engineering courses are expensive. Compared to the Undergraduate level, tuition fees for the Postgraduate level are higher.

The Visa Will Allow You To Work

One of the most significant benefits of this visa is that it will allow you to work, which can be beneficial for you to cover some of your costs while staying. However, there are some obligations that you must meet.

  • Your age should be more than 18 years.
  • You can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week.
  • You will neither be allowed to work as a freelancer nor be self-employed.

If you have a spouse with you who is also granted the same visa, they can also enjoy the same working rights as you. But you should note that only the work permit holders can apply for dependent visas.

What Can You Do After You Graduate With An Australian Qualification?

An Australian degree will be of great help in any country you leave for after your graduation. But if you want to stay in Australia, that option will also be an option for you. Only you have to apply for another visa, which is the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

There are two streams under this visa, and you can apply for any of them, depending on your qualification and requirements. 

If you graduate with a Bachelor, or a Masters, or Doctorate, you will be eligible to apply for the Post-Study Work Stream. This stream will let you live in Australia for 2 to 4 years, based on your level of qualification. And, if you have graduated with a Diploma in any skilled occupation that is present on the relevant list of skilled occupations, you can apply for the Graduate Work Stream. You can stay back in Australia for 18 months with the Graduate Work Stream.

Temporary Visa 485 will be very effective to gain international work experience.

Final words

An experienced Immigration Agent Perth can offer you significant professional guidance when you apply. As they have handled so many application cases in their careers, their advice can help you get the best outcome.


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