Find The Best Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers At The Right Price

 Find The Best Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers At The Right Price

Finding the best car insurance for 19 year old male and female drivers at a price that one can easily afford and sustain could be a challenging task. Most of the insurers perceive much greater degree of risks in providing car coverage to teen and young drivers as their probability of meeting with accidents or collisions is pretty high. Nevertheless, there are some non-standard auto insurance providers that are willing to take the risk of granting vehicle coverage to teen drivers. The internet is the right place to locate them and as online processes are fast, you can save lot of time and energy while exploring your options. But there are several factors that go into determining overall affordability of premium rates.    

Accordingly, your ability to get the best car insurance for 19 year old female or male drivers at a price which you can afford may depend on your exact age, gender and residential location. But there is a way to circumvent the process of getting auto insurance for a 19 year old driver. Teens can stay on their parents’ car insurance policies and so, there will be no need to buy separate car coverage as it is an expensive proposition. Anyway, being a teen driver, it is pretty unlikely that you will qualify for any premium discounts except if you have maintained good grades in your academics consistently for the last 3 years. Besides, you might be eligible to get discount if you are driving a safer vehicle.    

The main reason why it is difficult to secure the best car insurance for 19 year old male/female driver at an affordable premium is that as per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teen drivers are four times more likely to get involved in accidents than any other category of driver age groups. But female drivers are charged less as compared to male drivers because they are deemed to be more responsible on road. This results in teen male drivers paying substantially more for auto insurance than their female counterparts. On an average, 19 year old male drivers tend to pay about $200 to $800 monthly and females of the same age pay $200 to $500 monthly. The difference in premium rates explains it all.  

And the overall affordability of car insurance for 19 year old female and male drivers may also depend on the insurer with which you are planning to work as well as the state in which you are living. Vehicle insurance rates for 91 year old drivers could be the highest in the state of Michigan but at the same time the rates might be easily affordable in states like Hawaii. However, it is possible to save money on your 19 year old driver’s auto insurance premium. Here are few vital guidelines that can help you to save precious dollars.

1. Drive cheap old used car that has less market worth

2. Compare multiple free quote estimates by going online

3. Determine your eligibility to get good student discount

4. Take up a defensive driver’s training course to get extra discount

5. Opt for a telematics policy and earn another discount on premium

6. Get your name added to your parent’s coverage and thus, avoid buying separate insurance

When exploring various options on the best car insurance for 19 year old male or female drivers, it is important that you make sure that the coverage you are buying is adequate and also within your budget. While a state recommended basic liability insurance cover for 3rd party bodily injuries and property damages could be the cheapest option, it is always better to buy comprehensive and collision coverage as well as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments covers to get total financial protection. It is also desirable to make sure that you are buying coverage with higher limits for this purpose. To learn more about your chances of getting the best 19 year old driver’s auto insurance cover at the lowest price rates, talk to an expert today! can assist you to get the best auto insurance with no deposit up front for 19 year old drivers at the most affordable premium within a span of just few minutes online. Take advantage of our specialist online services to secure a solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget. Apply for free quotes now! 


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