Five Powerful Ways To Get Started Real estate investments?

 Five Powerful Ways To Get Started Real estate investments?

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Everyone is talking about big real estate deals and you don’t know where to start

In this article you are about to read all the most effective methods to start making real estate investments and making money

By applying these methods, myself, I have dramatically improved my financial situation

1. Buy a property and rent it

The most traditional way of doing real estate deals is undoubtedly buying a property to rent it out. So, make a real estate investment for income purposes.

The resulting monthly income is a rather stable flow, so much so that it can almost be called passive income. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that it is so passive, and managing three or more properties can really take a lot of time and availability.

Unforeseen events, maintenance, taxes and many other aspects related to this activity should not be underestimated. It is also possible to buy to rent commercial or industrial property to make it income, but the initial cost will be higher and the management is more complex.

2. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Without too many words, I immediately say that this is one of my favorite methods for above average returns.

The word ” crowdfunding ” might seem like a difficult thing, but it is nothing more than an investment in which I only participate for a fraction of the total.

Real estate crowdfunding is ideal for those who want to invest in real estate with little money. For those who want to invest in real estate without money there are many online resources of dubious usefulness

3. Short term rentals and vacation homes

Those starting from scratch often prefer this option. How to blame him? It works great.

It sounds trivial, but a lot of big real estate investors started out exactly like that. Plus, you can really make a lot of money with vacation rentals, with AirBnB and similar sites. The risk-to-reward ratio is very good indeed.

What is it about?

It involves renting a room or any other property by night or by the week. In other cases, entire house can be rented out. The amount you earn varies depending on the local rental market. Those who live in a very touristic area like almost all medium and large Italian cities, whether the traffic is seasonal or all year round, the gain is guaranteed.

4. Refurbish to sell immediately

After gaining some experience in the real estate sector (not immediately) you begin to feel the need to reduce the time to buy to increase profits. Because if it is true that to invest in real estate you just need to buy to rent, there are methods to earn more.

A popular method among the more daring investors is so-called “flipping,” where you buy, restructure and sell in record time. For ambitious investors, real estate trading or flipping can bring big gains in as little as a few months. Don’t fool yourself for a second that it’s easy risk-free. You may find a cheap house for sale but don’t put into account the renovation costs and profits could quickly turn into loss.

5. Join a real estate investment group

Similar to crowd funding but more organized, invest groups are a great way to get in on the ground floor of investment but not without dealing with all the hassle.

A common example: Individual investors may own one or more housing units within multi-family houses. Obviously, it is not taken for granted that all rooms, houses or other are rented at the same time.

To mitigate the risk of having the property vacant, groups often divide a portion of the rental profits. This ensures that investors continue to earn something even when their unit is empty.

Advantages? Unity is strength. This leads to investment levels that are unthinkable for individual investors. On the other hand, you need to accept the rules and have immense trust in the team.

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