Five Reasons Why Buying Preloved Clothes For Kids Is A Wise Decision

 Five Reasons Why Buying Preloved Clothes For Kids Is A Wise Decision

Every day we see advertisements on billboards, the internet, our TV screens, magazines, etc. telling us that we need the latest brand new clothes for our children. This makes Preloved Clothes For Kids difficult to fully commit to buying affordable preloved clothes for your children. But did you know that the textile industry generates more pollution than shipping and aviation industries combined? Or that the amount of water required to make one pair of jeans and T-shirt would require about 13 years to drink? Or that 11 million clothing items are sent to landfills in the UK every week? In this article we look at a few more reasons that would support your decision to buy preloved clothes for children.

Preloved means significantly cheaper

It goes without saying that preloved clothes for children cost significantly lower than new clothes. Following the financial constraint that was put on the common household by the pandemic, savvy households cut down their costs and outgoings by ditching the brand new designer wear and turning to Cheap Clothes For Kids. You can find good quality preloved clothes that have never been worn, or just worn once for just a fraction of the cost on the price tags. A parent in the UK spends an average of £764 annually to buy clothes for one child. Switching to preloved clothes has proven to help save up to £500 annually on clothes for kids. The money can be better spent on other needs that your children have.

Preloved means assured quality

Affordable preloved clothes for kids by Heidi Boo are inspected at multiple points to ensure that clients receive clothing items of the highest quality. The clothes are checked when they are dropped off by previous owners, during the tagging, while pictures of the clothes are taken, and at the time of packaging. These multiple check-points allow us to identify any defects in the quality and rectify them, if possible. You can rest assured that all the preloved items you receive from us will be of the highest quality. The better the quality of the clothing item, the lesser the frequency with which they need to be replaced. And the lesser the frequency of replacement, the lesser the costs incurred for clothing for kids.

Preloved means a variety of options

It goes without saying that a child’s wardrobe should be filled with different types of clothes appropriate for every change in the season and occasion. However, this can prove to be a very expensive goal to achieve. Heidi Boo’s second-hand clothes are cheap clothes for kids that come in a variety of options as they receive preloved clothes from owners across the UK. This allows you to fill up your child’s wardrobe without having to empty your wallet or purse. You can choose from a variety of different designer clothing brands at our stores, as opposed to conventional retailers who only stack a few designers and brands. At Heidi Boo, you can provide your children with the opportunity to pick out different styles of clothing for themselves, without sacrificing on other necessary costs.

Preloved means environment-loving

By shopping for Affordable Preloved Clothes for kids, you will be doing your bit in helping the world combat global warming. Research reveals that the average person in the UK today buys around 60% more clothes than a decade ago. This increased consumption means the textile industry churns out new clothes by the minute by consuming resources like water and through Carbon emissions. Heidi Boo is committed to saving good quality preloved clothes from the landfill, and giving them a fresh lease on life. This extension to the lifespan of these clothes reduces the Carbon footprint and resource consumption by around 10%! Be more than just an economy-friendly parent, be an environment lover by shopping for preloved clothes for kids today!

Preloved shopping is very convenient

One of the common reasons cited for not shopping cheap clothes for kids is that they are hard to come by as opposed to new clothes. This obstacle has now been removed with the introduction of the internet and technological advancements. Gone are the days of sifting through 10 charity shops every weekend!All you have to do is go to the Heidi Boo website and choose the clothing items that you love best. You can sort the many clothing options by brand, colour, size, gender, etc. to make it easier to locate just the perfect piece of clothing for your little angel. Add the items to your shopping basket and make seamless payments through PayPal. It couldn’t get more convenient than this so start shopping today!

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