Five Signs of a Bad AC Condenser Fan Assembly

The majority of cars nowadays have two condenser fans- one is for the ac and another one for the radiator. The AC consider fan is designed to blow air across the condenser when the car is stopped or running at a low speed to let the AC maintaining the indoor temperature of the car.

Without having the AC condenser fan assembly, the car AC system will stop working. The reason is refrigerant will not get cooler from a hot gas to a liquid, due to which the pressure becomes too high that ultimately disable the AC system. Therefore, ensuring the AC condenser fan delivers optimal performance is important.

Let’s face the fact! The AC consider fan goes bad over time like other car upgrades and components. This leads to degrading AC performance. You need to notice the signs of a bad AC condenser system so that you can replace it as soon as possible before the entire AC system gets malfunctioned.

Here are the signs of a bad AC condenser fan assembly;

  • Lukewarm air– This is the most common sign of a bad AC condenser fan. As soon as you turn on your AC condenser fan, you are met with the warm air blowing on your face. If you notice this, the bad AC condenser fan can be an issue. In that case, inspect the AC condenser fan to see whether it has been stopped or not working at its optimal speed. If you find it faulty, get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • Burning smell– However, the burning smell can be of any component installed in your car. If you experience any burning smell, firstly, you don’t need to ignore it. Secondly, stop your car and immediately inspect under the car hood. Basically, your car needs to release the hot air that builds up in the AC system. If the car does not release the hot air, the internal temperature of AC parts becomes hotter, emitting a burning smell. So, if you notice the burning smell as soon as you turn on your AC, turn off your AC condenser immediately and see if it is working properly or not. If not, replace it as fast as possible.
  • Leaking refrigerant– Refrigerant is a green liquid that usually escapes in a gas form. It comes out in the gas form around the condenser. The AC condenser is responsible for keeping the refrigerant pressurized. But if the condenser fan fails to keep the condenser cooled, the pressure and heat become higher, leaving the condenser to break. If the condenser breaks or its seals break, leaks occur. Therefore, if you find green fluid on the surface, there might be some issues with the AC condenser fan. If yes, replace it quickly.
  • Overheating car engine while idling– When the AC condenser fan stops working, the condensers heat up at very high temperature. As a result, the heat spreads across the engine components, leading to the car overheating even while idling. This usually happens when you are idle for a while. Otherwise, when the car runs, the air prevents engine components from overheating. The AC condenser fan may also get clogged, due to which the condenser begins to heat up at extreme temperatures. Ensure it is not clogged.
  • Warning light- Many the older cars don’t have a warning light to alert you when the car has an air conditioning problem, but newer cars have sensors that alert you if anything wrong happens to your car AC system.

The final take

The AC condenser fan is located under the hood of the car. As we discussed above, there are basically two fans located under the hood. One for the radiator and the other for the AC.

If you notice any of the above signs in your car, then properly inspect the car for the bad AC condenser fan assembly. If it has gone bad, buy a new AC condenser fan assembly from any reputed aftermarket car Part Company that offers a range of other upgrades and car components, including hose joiner union connector. Ensure you read the installation instructions before trying to install DIY. Otherwise, you can leave the AC condenser fan installation task to your local mechanic.


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