Five Ways to Check for Roaches

 Five Ways to Check for Roaches

Take urgent action if you see any of the following cockroach warning signs to avoid a tiny infestation growing into a much bigger one.

Roaches Exist Among Your Neighbors

You should take precautions to lessen the chances of developing your own infestation if the people next door indicate they are having a roach problem because there is a good chance that your home will be the next. Cockroaches are drawn to items like crumbs your children leave on the floor and open food containers left in the trash. A good place to start is by promptly cleaning up spills, utilizing sealed trash cans, and avoiding keeping outside trash cans close to your house.

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You Notice Debris

In contrast to the ordinary German cockroach, which leaves behind little brown stains and pepper-like granules the size of coffee grounds, other, larger roach species can produce grains of rice-sized droppings. Roaches are notorious for leaving their droppings wherever they go, but they pay close attention to places like cabinet tops, refrigerator and stove bottoms, and floor corners. (Whenever cleaning up droppings, wear gloves.)

Casings for Spying Eggs

The average cockroach egg casing is long and hollow, light brown in color, and often contains 20 to 50 eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the casing is simply left in place. If you notice casings around refrigerator bases, around leaky pipes, or in food cupboards, you should act quickly to control the cockroach problem before it gets out of hand. A German cockroach mother will actually carry her casing around with her until the eggs are about to hatch. Occasionally, you might find a casing that still holds its eggs, which you should dispose of by flushing down the toilet.

You Notice a Musky Smell

A single cockroach is unlikely to leave behind an offensive scent that is overpowering enough for you to notice, but several of them will make the air surrounding your house or place of business smell worse. The odor will get significantly worse if the infestation is allowed to spread. While deceased cockroaches also release aromas as a result of their decomposition, this scent is mostly connected to living cockroaches.

A Roach is visible

Cockroaches are not loners, which is a shame. There are probably many more than you can see if you only see one. Being nocturnal, cockroaches are more likely to be seen in the evening, especially if you enter your kitchen and turn on the light. It’s likely that you have a sizable roach infestation if you do notice them during the daytime since roach congestion has forced them into the open.

How to Get Rid of and Avoid Cockroaches

As soon as you realize you have roaches, you need to act right away. To manage them, take the following actions

Get Rid of Any Roaches You See: Use Ortho® Home Defense® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer2 to eliminate germs such as Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Klebsiella pneumoniae on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces. This product also kills cockroaches while sanitizing the surfaces it is applied to.

Getting Rid of Roaches You Can’t See: Because they are nocturnal, cockroaches respond well to baits as a control measure. Ortho® Home Defense® Roach Bait is an expertly formulated concoction of food, water, and poison intended to entice unwary roaches looking for scraps of food. The advantage is that the roaches handle all of the work, dispersing the bait to eliminate roaches that are hiding. Using Ortho® Home Defense® Insect Killer for Cracks & Crevices, which will continue to kill American and German cockroaches for up to 18 months, is another option to get rid of roaches hiding in cracks and other difficult-to-reach spots.

Exclude other roaches: Use the quick-acting, non-staining, fume-free Ortho® Home Defense Max® Indoor Insect Barrier with Extended Reach Comfort Wand® to treat doors, window casings, and other entrance points around your home. For up to 12 months, it will continue to keep cockroaches under control on interior, non-porous surfaces.

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