Flood Lights | Track Lights | LED Lights

 Flood Lights | Track Lights | LED Lights

Whenever you are looking for outdoor lighting, the best kinds of lights are flood lights, track lights, and LED lights. You will find these lights at a very economical rate through the Hyundai power brand.

Flood lights

Nowadays, it is a trend to purchase lights for commercial and daily use. You can easily install these lights without requiring any assistance. People use these for distinctive purposes. Most importantly, they use these lights for security. For example, they install it in their backyard or balcony, or in their garden to illuminate any nearby dark areas.

You will notice these lights will save a great deal more energy than any other lights. Similarly, you won’t need to replace the bulbs again and again as these lights have a great life span.


  • Life span

This brand generally focuses on their life span. You’ll be astounded by their longevity.

  • Energy

No doubt, these lights will use only a few units of electricity. So, it means if you use these, you will be able to conserve energy.

  • Heat generation

Apart from this specific type of light, you will notice the other lights generally release some heat whenever you turn them on. Moreover, this factor enables you to save energy by not wasting energy.

  • Intensity

They have divided these lights into specific models according to the power distribution. If you use powerful lights, the area will be illuminated just like it is during the day. Many people use it in stadiums. Similarly, many use it outside their homes for vigilance.

  • Quality

The lights withstand the strong weather conditions.

Flood lights types

  1. HLFL50N

This model comes with SMD technology. Thus, all of the components are fixed on the surface of the board. The light is quite light in weight.

  1. HLFL150N

This model has a power of 150W. Also, it is mostly used for commercial purposes, like covering large areas.

  1. HLFL200N

This light has a power output of 200 watts. This one is the most powerful light that you can source from this brand. Also, it works for 50,000 hours.

Track lights

Track lights are typically installed in a fixed location. This brand is usually made from metal and plastic. You can easily fix and remove these lights. Also, these lights look fascinating when you use these in your house, etc. Mostly, people prefer to use these in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


  • Appearance

Often, you want to decorate your house with these beautiful lights to make your house look cozy and stylish. Their designs will make your house look elegant.

  • Installation

These lights are simple to install on ceilings and walls. Further, you don’t have to get help from anyone in its installation.

  • Space

In place of lamps or other lights, you could use these lights. Moreover, people use these to lighten up small spaces.

  • Versatility

Furthermore, you can move these lights wherever you want to install them. Then, you can put these lights in a series or at distinctive spots.

  • Lights option

It comes in warm light and other colored bulbs. So, you have to search for the options on this brand’s page.

Types of light


This light comes with a power of 25 watts. It comes in an eye-comfort option too. It has a rotatable option from which you can rotate the light.

LED lights


Nowadays, the tradition of using bulbs and tube lights is now shifted to LED lights. These lights are great to use because of their energy-saving ability. You will observe how many fewer units these lights will consume than ordinary bulbs.

Mostly, you will use these in your house, on your patio, on your balconies, etc.

  • Life span

These are made to be used for a longer period.

  • Temperature adaptable

You will see these lights in fridges. Similarly, these lights work in freezing and low temperatures without getting fused or damaged.

  • Heat energy

These lights don’t emit heat and preserve energy through them.

Hyundai power brand

This brand has a great variety of lights like flood lights, track lights, andLED lights.Further, the technology they use makes their brand reputation. You can buy their products for your house and use them commercially.


Choosing lights is sometimes a hard decision. Thus, you should find a reliable brand like Hyundai to meet your requirements. You also get varieties of LED lights.

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