How To Prepare Floors to be Scrubbed

floor scrubber machine maintenance is a part of catering for the home or office space. Floorings are expensive and must be properly maintained to prolong their lifespan, helping homeowners save money in the long term. Some people take their floor maintenance seriously and even invest in automatic floor scrubber machines to make cleaning the floor easier and more efficient. However, preparing the floor before scrubbing helps to maximize efficiency and performance in the cleaning process. Before you scrub your floors, here are some simple things to do.

  • Remove Mats
  • Pre-Sweep the Floor
  • Scrape Off Sticky Substances
  • Clear Obstacles

Remove Mats

Homeowners use mats to keep the floors clean and reduce dust. However, when preparing the floor for scrubbing, the first thing to do is to remove the mats. Mats may hold and cover a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. Therefore, ensure you remove them before cleaning them with a floor scrubber machine. Also, most automated scrubbers are designed for hard flooring substrates, not carpet or rubber mats. This implies that the scrubber won’t efficiently remove dirt from the mat.

Pre-Sweep the Floor

Before scrubbing the floor, it would be beneficial to first remove large debris on the floor. An excellent way to do this is to pre-sweep the area. This helps to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the cleaning path. floor scrubber machine is essential to pre-sweep even if you can’t see any dirt on the floor. This makes the scrubbing process easier and more efficient. 

Pre-sweep the floor also helps to prolong its lifespan. Automatic floor cleaning machines provide powerful cleaning power. They enhance and protect the floor’s finish. But scrubbing a dirty or dusty floor can result in several unwanted problems. The cleaning machine can turn dirt into mud, spreading it around the floors. The scrubber could also drag small rocks, pebbles, and other debris around, damaging the floor’s finish.

Scrape Off Sticky Substances

Another crucial thing to do is to scrape off sticky substances before scrubbing. You must ensure you notice and scrape off all sticky substances, such as dried food and chewing gum, before scrubbing with an auto scrubber. This is because floor scrubbers are not designed to remove all types of substances on the floor, even if they deliver powerful cleaning.

Clear Obstacles

Removing dirt and sticky substances is not enough when preparing to scrub with a floor scrubbing machine. You must ensure you remove all obstacles, including shelves and decorative displays. Removing obstacles from the cleaning path ensures the entire floor space is cleaned. 

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