Formal Styling Guide for Men: 10 Colors That Look Best

 Formal Styling Guide for Men: 10 Colors That Look Best

Are you looking forward to a few rules, tricks, and tips you can learn about formal styling for men as you want to appear the best? For a man to dress right, certain rules must be followed correctly.

These rules include proper measurements and fittings for your formal wear and choosing appropriate colors. Also, we know that no one likes to follow the rules as they are supposed to be boring, but trust us when we say that no rule is unimportant when it comes to dressing.

Nowadays, not only do women dress well, but there are male fashion influencers encouraging men to step forward and bring on their A-game when styling formal apparel. Also, when we talk about formal wear, you should stick to certain colors, not only because they look good, but because they are in demand as formal wear.

For more ideas on how to dress the best and flaunt formal-colored shirts, you’ll have to stay with us and give this blog a read till the very end.  

1.    Plain White

When it comes to dressing up formally, there is no argument that white is undoubtedly one of the most elegant yet sophisticated colors one can style. If you think of dress shirts, then white is probably the first color that pops up in your mind because it can be worn anytime and wherever, regardless of the occasion. The best part about plain white shirts is that they also match well with all kinds of coat suits, and they can even be styled with multiple colors of pants such as dark blue, light blue, khaki, blue denim, and even black.

If you are planning to revamp your closet and need Formal Shirts for Men – Corroborate, that should be a part of your wardrobe, ironed and cleaned, so you can wear it whenever you want.

2.    Light Blue

After a white colored shirt, having a light blue shirt in your formal wear wardrobe is also highly important as it can be a great pick for people who want to appear less formal but well-dressed at the same time. Just like white colored shirts, a light blue shirt also goes well with most suits and pants, and you can also match different types of ties, including printed and plain ones.

If you want to stick to lighter colors during the day and avoid darker shades, then this is the perfect color you can stick to. Besides that, a light blue shirt will always look great on different skin tones, meaning everybody can wear and style it according to their wants.

3.    Baby Pink

One of our favorite and super cute colors, Baby Pink, is another dress shirt you could own for formal wear. At first, a few people might be apprehensive about wearing a pink shirt to work, but nowadays, as work culture is changing and thoughts are evolving, a baby pink shirt can be worn to work without worry.

A baby pink shirt will not only look great with dress suits such as grey and blue, but it will also make your personality come off as young, cheerful, and confident. Other than dressing up for work, you can even style a baby pink button-down shirt to a meet-up, along with white pants and matching white sneakers.

4.    Light Grey

Another essential color for formal wear, light grey can be a great option for styling as it stands out a little and is different from the basic colors such as white, light blue, or baby pink. Light grey can be a very cool color and an option between two extremes, which are white and black.

Pulling off light grey shirts is much easier than styling a dark grey shirt because it is a light color. Styling it with another color will make the light grey pop. You can use either style of a monochrome outfit with a light grey shirt and slighter darker pants or go for beige, khaki, or black pants with the shirt.

A light grey shirt will look great when you style it with a navy-blue blazer or a dark grey suit.

5.    Light Green

Also known as a mint color, light green shirts might be rare these days, but they are surely a wise choice when you want to look nice and not want to appear too bright or noticeable in front of others. If you want to try something unique that most men don’t opt for styling, then a light green shirt can be one of the best options.

Moreover, a light green shirt can help you feel connected with nature, allow you a breath of freshness, and stay within your comfort zone. A light green shirt will look amazing with white pants, light blue jeans, and maybe even beige pants for a semi-formal look.

Styling Tip: If you want to wear a tie with a light green shirt, you can either wear a darker shade of green or style something in print and white, depending on the color of your pants.

6.    Black

We are sure you were waiting for this color option to come up, weren’t you? Like most of the men out there, you must also have a thing for black shirts and might even have 4 to 5 different kinds of black shirts in your closet. Black is one of those colors for formal shirts, which is widely worn and styled by men worldwide and equally loved by them as well.

While you might have many other formal shirts, make sure that you have a black one, as your wardrobe will be incomplete without it. A black shirt looks royal, has a macho approach to dressing up, and can help you achieve the smooth finish you want.

7.    Light Brown

Do you want to dress smart and casual while looking effortless simultaneously? While light brown might not be popular wear among men, they surely look amazing when styled properly. If you want to channel your inner “movie hero” and want to look great while you are at it, consider styling an all-brown look sometime.

Once you get a light brown shirt, you can easily style it with a pair of blue jeans, khaki pants, or even beige pants. Moreover, with a light brown shirt, you can wear a black tie, a navy-blue tie, or even a printed tie of the color you want.

8.    Army Green

When you read the “word green,” it doesn’t mean that we’re talking about you wearing an army uniform, but what it simply means is that this shade of green can be a unique color option that we are certain that you will love if you are inclined towards darker shades. An army green shirt can help you look calm and collected and give off a vibe of being cool and bold.

Furthermore, an army green shirt can look great for formal occasions if you know how to style it. For example, depending on the easily available options, you can style an army green shirt with black dress pants, light blue jeans, or khaki pants.

9.    Lemon Yellow

While yellow might sound like a very typical color and especially when it comes to a bright yellow, you wouldn’t want to wear it as formal wear. However, like lemon yellow, a light-colored yellow shirt will look great on all complexions. You can style a lemon-yellow shirt with formal pants in white, trousers, chinos, and blue denim jeans.

A lemon-yellow shirt with a dark shade of pants and a matching darker tie with yellow stripes will help your outfit pop, and you can even style a lemon yellow formal shirt with a khaki suit. Doesn’t that sound too cool and aesthetic at the same time?

10.                     Lavender

Lavender is among one of the most attractive colors that a man can style and a man must own as not only is it different from the regular colors, but it is pleasing to the eye as well as a versatile color. Styling a lavender shirt shouldn’t be difficult as you have multiple options for styling it. A lavender shirt will look great with a black or navy suit and a khaki, beige, or white suit.

Furthermore, when styling a lavender shirt, you can even match a purple tie with it, wear white pants, along with matching shoes such as white, or add a different color as brown shoes.

Parting Note

Styling formal wear or outfits, in general, isn’t a tough job as all you need to do, is be aware of how to play mix and match with different shirts, pants, and suits together. If you want to take your look to the next level and spice up your style, then the colors mentioned above will help you elevate your style and improve your overall appearance as well. The tip is not to underestimate yourself but to put effort into how you can improve your look and stand out amongst the crowd. We can’t see how you rock your look with improved formal wear!

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