Fortnite for mobile generates 1 million dollars every day

The fashion game has entered 25 million dollars in its first month even though it requires an invitation to play and is only available on iOS

The mobile version of Fortnite is already one of the most successful apps in the Apple Store . This popular action title in which a hundred players must face each other earns around 1 million dollars daily worldwide and has obtained a revenue of 25 million dollars during its first 30 days on iOS . Both figures are even more surprising if one takes into account that until April 1, an invitation was required to play .

The market research firm Sensor Tower assures that during the first two weeks of April, the game of the American company Epic Games has generated 9.5 million dollars in the Apple online store in the United States, only behind Netflix in in terms of income , and that still does not have a version for Android devices .

Top-earning apps in the Apple Store between April 1 and 15, 2018

 Sensor Tower

As can be seen in the graph, in the United States the mobile version of Fortnite has achieved revenues that are around three quarters of those obtained by Netflix. From a comfortable second position, Fortnite outperforms Tinder, Pandora and YouTube ; And in the gaming arena, it’s also ahead of Candy Crush , a title that Fortnite has led by nearly $4 million in the first two weeks of April.

While spectacular, the revenue from the mobile version of Fortnite is still far behind what the game is achieving on PC and consoles . To make a comparison, last February it achieved revenues of 126 million dollars on these platforms. Fornite’s mobile revenue could soar this summer , when according to Sensor Tower mobile manager Randy Nelson , Epic Games could publish games on Android, the operating system on which approximately 75 percent of all mobile phones in the world run. nowadays.

“If the game maintains its current popularity with gamers for a few more months, our estimates indicate that it could be poised to gross over $500 million by the end of 2018 on both [iOS and Android] platforms combined,” says Nelson.

Likewise, another factor that could influence the global success of Fornite, not only on mobile, but also on desktop platforms, is its imminent launch in the Chinese market . Epic Games has published an image on Twitter that suggests that the game could be published in China on April 23 , a circumstance that could lead to a large increase in both users and revenue.

The Sensor study claims that Fortnite would have raised its first USD $50 million in the month of May. A couple of months after its launch. That means the rate at which their income is coming in has only been going up.

The figure pales before the income of other titles such as Honor of Kings or Knives Out. But we have to remember that Epic Games is getting money from all over the place. Thanks to the multiple versions of the game on different platforms.

With this achievement, Fortnite would be the third largest launch in the history of mobile video games . Falling behind Clash Royale and the almost forgotten Pokémon GO.

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