Fortnite season 8 brings back Kevin the Cube, introduces Marvel’s Carnage

 Fortnite season 8 brings back Kevin the Cube, introduces Marvel’s Carnage

The long-awaited season 8 of Fortnite has arrived, after we all managed to survive and drive back the alien attack at the end of Season 7. But there’s no time to relax, since there are a lot of new battle pass skins, gameplay features, and, perhaps most significantly, Kevin the Cube.

Kevin the Cube is a huge purple cube with what I can only describe as strange temporal magic abilities for those who have recently joined the church of Fortnite. In reality, it’s just a delightful icon with no practical value, such as the Space Needle.

Fortnite season 8

There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get ready for season 8 of Fortnite as fully as we can.

Kevin the Cube has resurfaced in Fortnite, as we previously stated. He’s acquired some new pals, though they don’t appear to be too pleased with us. The purple cubes that powered the alien mothership in season 7 have now descended to Earth, and the resulting timey-wimey mayhem has created rifts into a realm known as “The Sideways.”

Those cube rifts are essentially fresh areas where you may battle off enemy NPCs and acquire loot.

In the season 8 battle pass teaser, we hear a monologue from a figure known as the Queen. She appears to be unamused by our presence, and she is hell-bent on bringing about the destruction of our dimension. You can see her silhouette on the battle pass page. It looks like she’ll be restricted till later in the season, much like Superman from season 7.

Fractured Veil, a place where people from all fractures (pun intended) come together and fight against the hostile nature and the dangerous creatures born from the fracture, to survive and craft their way through a post apocalyptic planet.

What’s new in season 8

Season 8’s battle pass includes another 100 levels of loot to acquire by gaining XP. The first level will begin with Charlotte, a basic goth-esque woman. Her second tier features a badass samurai sword, despite the unspectacular appearance.

The original outfit for Charlotte, which is a short kimono-style dress.

Fabio Sparklemane is a parody of the famous Fabio romance novel, complete with a unicorn image. Given his drastically different appearance, he’s easily the most visually distinctive character this season.

Torin is a young woman who appears to be a superhero. I’m not sure if she’s on our side because her built-in emotive changes her face into an unsettling alien skeleton.

Finally, there’s Marvel’s Carnage. Carnage isn’t to be confused with anti-hero Venom; it’s another symbiote creature controlled by serial murderer Cletus Kasady. Epic is a firm believer in not letting a marketing crossover go to waste, with Venom: Let There Be Carnage set to premiere in theaters shortly.

Season 8 of Fortnite is guaranteed to have one of the more dramatic map changes we’ve seen in recent memory, as evidenced by how drastically different two familiar areas are now. It’s either the remains of the alien mothership or the purple cubes dotting the landscape. Around the map, various wreckage sites are throbbing with cube energy. They’re fantastic areas to explore. In them, you’ll discover odd energy tunnels through which you may zip for a brief getaway or to flank your enemies. If you wish to explore more such exciting maps and enjoy some unique gameplay, do checkout the upcoming survival games releasing this year.


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