Fortune Tiger

 Fortune Tiger

Fortune Tiger

In the field of video slots, gameplay techniques are continuously being advanced to provide something new. The goal is to provide gamers with something new without making the games too peculiar. Triple Profits Games on straight web slot accomplished it with their Fortune Tiger video slot.

This book’s appearance and aesthetic appeal are also rather good. Every single sign has a tonne of detail in how it was drawn, especially the golden variants. We find that to be pleasing to observe. However, the romantic atmosphere also contributes to the vividness of this Asian-inspired title. The game board benefits greatly from every sign; the animations are fluid and easy to follow. It makes it possible for the gameplay and aesthetic elements of the game to work together as one.

Gameplay and Features

It’s important to understand the game’s features and mechanics before playing. It is so that they can determine the stake size for the Fortune Tiger video slot. However, in the following breakdowns, we’ll swiftly get you up to speed on everything you need to know.

  1. Golden Symbol Selection

There is a selection of five different golden symbols on the far left. The wild, which we’ll discuss later, is the one that is always chosen, and it is the one at the bottom. You can choose to turn up to four additional symbols golden in this way.

You have more chances to win various progressive jackpots with more golden symbols. The stake size also changes depending on which of these four alternatives you select. For each choice from 0 to 4 golden symbols, you will stake 8, 18, 38, 68, or 88 coins, accordingly.

  1. Wild Symbols

In this game, the wild symbol is a very ornate red, blue, and gold symbol. You can get a lot of value with 243 ways to win because it makes it easier to hit many extra wins. It is unable to create profitable combinations, though.

  1. Free Spins Bonus Round

Ten free spins are awarded if you land three or more gongs on the reels from left to the right. The lowest paying symbols in the game, the card rank symbols, do not show up during this bonus round. You ultimately have an easier time hitting wins as a result. When you do hit them, those payments are also higher.

  1. Progressive Jackpots

The four progressive jackpot amounts are displayed in the top-right area of the screen. Additionally, the lower jackpots are won more frequently than the bigger ones. When a wild emerges, you have a chance at random to win any of the jackpots you are eligible for. However, the number of golden symbols you select will determine how much in jackpots you can win.

How to Win at Fortune Tiger

  • The key to beating this game is selecting the optimal number of gold symbols. Picking all the golds is highly advised because it provides the best player return. But of the several options, it also has the biggest volatility.
  • To account for the larger stake size and volatility, we advise players to reduce their betting denominations slightly. The greatest approach to making the most of this particular title is to do it this way.


If you enjoy playing other online slots with an Asian theme, you won’t want to miss this one. We also want to emphasize how much we genuinely appreciate how the visual appeal, rather than just being an inconsequential feature, provides players with a seriously coherent style of play.

Additionally, the play style’s intense action focus has a tonne of potential to make big rewards. The Fortune Tiger game video on straight web slot slot is suitable for this developer’s portfolio because of its broad appeal to many players. This slot uses a range of top-heavy characteristics, which players can’t say for many other slots.

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