Fox news report about children and war

 Fox news report about children and war

The side effects of wars and conflicts on society and especially children . Fox news on How wars can cause mental and physical harm to under age individuals and what are the dangers that face those young children since they are the most vulnerable slice of the society And what are the special needs for them to pass through the state of war as healthy as possible And how to protect them on international , social , and family level And what part the international humanitarian organizations can play in this matter

We cannot deny that war makes everyone weak and that children are most affected when war occurs, because they are very vulnerable and exposed to great dangers during wars. Fox news as children, even if they show strength and steadfastness, except that they are young and as a scientific fact, they are much weaker than adults, And these wars expose children in the long term to many problems, and we must note and refer to the huge amount that the child is exposed to when the war Breaks out.

It is the state of orphan hood, death, injury, and displacement and distancing from the family, where the child loses health care and this is one of the most dangerous factors that kill many children and leaves a significant psychological impact after the injury if it is not treated, and when the parents are absent, the child may become more vulnerable to exploitation by groups or armed forces.

Those looking for recruits and it may also lead to the child being vulnerable to organ trade, as conflicts and wars lead to the spread of extreme poverty, and this specifically threatens the lives of children and is the main reason in cases of begging or obtaining an inappropriate profession for a child. Turning to the needs of children in wars compared to the older groups, we find that the primary needs are to secure adequate growth for it, i.e. food, water and medicine, in addition to vaccination, which has special importance, as the lack of food will cause great harm to the child’s body development.

Children naturally need the support of their parents in peacetime, so what if the matter is in a time of war? Children also have the right to education, this right that provides the child with a high degree of life skills, but going to school in time of war exposes the child to more dangers, because schools are sometimes vulnerable to attack, and the reason is that armed groups may take them as a shield and protection for them.

Fox news anchor in the report of the International Committee of the Red Cross in which it laid down how to respond to the special needs of children in times of war, it says: The issue of children whose appeal is answered by the ICRC is one of its priorities as they develop programs to meet their needs because the worst that can be imagined is separation This is why the ICRC accords great priority to the issue of searching for and reuniting the family members of the child and providing services to individuals.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is the custodian of international humanitarian law, and it is concerned about the issue of child recruitment into armed forces and groups, as they seek To combat this phenomenon by all means, and focus on the issue of recruitment first, as legal standards have been established to regulate this phenomenon and raise awareness of these standards among the armed forces and the civilian population.

Fox news anchors, and by moving to other organizations that care for the rights of the child, they say: The number of children who have been injured or killed in conflicts has increased to 300% over the past decade, and children pay a high price during the war, and they may be subject to imprisonment, maiming and murder, and this is realistic and objective talk.

Fortunately, children rarely lose hope, and their resilience should not be underestimated. The international care put in place by the Committee of the Red Cross for children can well help them recover and reintegrate into an environment in which they can restore their health, self-respect and dignity. Respect for existing laws is essential to prevent the occurrence of Abuses and further harm to children.

  1. Fox News Tips Sexual Violence Against Children During Conflict:

 There is no doubt that cases of rape and sexual assault increase in a frightening and tremendous manner in the case of war between male boys and female girls, and this is the dirtiest method of warfare if it is used as a method to torture and harm victims, extract information from them, intimidate, insult, displace and punish them, or simply destroy some social fabric, as people Those who are sexually assaulted are more likely to suffer from HIV, and there is no doubt that they face significant life-long psychological consequences and effects due to the so-called stigma, this stigma associated with this form of violence, especially in conservative societies.

Live fox news In the context of our discussion of forms of violence, we must point out an important and dangerous topic, which is the hidden killer devices, that is, minefields that are in the form of a protrusion in the ground or a wire hanging from a tree or lying in cultivated fields. Children have little experience in life and it will not occur. In their minds what would happen if they approached these things, knowing that mines and remnants of war are often invisible to the eye, and these deadly weapons leave a long-term deadly legacy that often remains in its position for long periods.

Fox news on trump the main reason children are exposed to the remnants of war is to help their parents and adult families earn a livelihood and other times their natural curiosity, as child mine survivors may face a high risk of disability for life.

Fox news trump, and if we move to the children of the greatest loss, we find that the children of Arab regions are the most affected children in the world, along with the children of Africa, as the number of those affected has reached tragic and terrifying numbers – according to the report of Save the Children – especially girls who were forced to play the role of the mother or to marry in Young age and the subsequent early pregnancy, which raises the death rate for girls under the age of eighteen, and this is a violation of the rights of the child and the rights of women together.

Fox news breaking in talking about another aspect, parenting behavior negatively affects the child’s attitude, that is, when parents are emotionally affected by war, this changes their ability to properly care for their children, and the war stresses the increase in family violence And creates a pattern that is inherited after that when this child becomes a father and this is a dangerous effect. Live stream fox news the impact of wars on children is not what harms them during war, but rather what appears later in an entire generation of those Who survived the war, carrying with them countless psychological problems, the seriousness of which depends on the ability of parents to help their children overcome the effects of war?

Fox news live the child’s experience of the event is more difficult than talking about it, as it may be easy to talk about the effects on children by wars, but often the experiences of parents with children are a challenge for every family.

• Fox news rating It is easy to say to mothers and fathers: Do not let your children see scenes of killing and destruction in news bulletins, but what will we say to those who have lived a live experience with these scenes, in this case the parents must protect the child not from scenes of violence but from death itself, where That parents must take the first step towards their children is to make them feel reassured and not leave the child without psychological support.

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