French Language Classes Online by NaperFrench

 French Language Classes Online by NaperFrench

If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out the ILA’s French language school or try one of the many apps on the internet that teach French. Memrise, Clozemaster, and Easy Languages are a few other options you can try. Here, we look at the most popular ones. All are free, and we’ve included a link to their free trial periods.

French language

You can study French from the comfort of your home with the help of NaperFrench’s online French language classes. This school’s teachers are dedicated to helping you learn French through the most up-to-date methods. Students simply download an application called Zoom to their computer and open the link sent by the teacher. Students can join a class in Montpellier, France, right from their home, and feel as though they’re part of the actual classroom. Moreover, the program allows students to share videos and authentic documents with their teachers.

French Language Classes

The NaperFrench Institute is a friendly, independent French language institute. Their French language classes online are offered all year-round at affordable prices and are designed for students with busy lives. The school has a vibrant international environment and is accredited by several government and language schools organizations. Students will have the opportunity to visit local museums and enjoy authentic French cuisine.


If you’re looking for an online French language course, you should check out Clozemaster. This game uses context to teach words, allowing even advanced French learners to become fluent faster. For example, a Clozemaster game gives you a missing word sentence, and you need to choose the correct word from the context. This exercise is also called a “cloze test,” or “cloze deletion.”

You can download free French lessons to your computer. These audio lessons are meant to be consumed one lesson a day. The lessons build on each other, making it easier to retain new vocabulary. They also use spaced repetition to help you cement new vocabulary into long-term memory. Each lesson emphasizes correct pronunciation and repeating parts of words. The lessons cover tenses, vocabulary, and even culture.


Learning French doesn’t have to be difficult. With Memrise, you can master the language faster. With free lessons that feature real conversations with native speakers, Memrise makes learning a new language more enjoyable. And since it is free, you can get started today. Here are a few tips for maximizing your time with Memrise. Try them out and see what you think.

French Language Classes

Memrise uses an algorithm that taps into the learner’s natural memory processes to review new flashcards. This approach is very effective, as studies have proven that people can learn new words and phrases faster than those who don’t. Memrise currently offers seven courses in French, and hundreds of user-created courses are also available on the platform. There are also many different levels of learning available, so you can find the right one for you.

Easy Languages

If you’d like to learn French online, you’ll find lots of choices with easy French language classes online by NaperFrench. This company’s free course, “Ma France,” has a huge database of vocabulary words, and features a variety of learning methods including pictures, audio, and video. The course also features a free trial of the full program. The free lessons contain authentic videos of news, movies, and music, as well as interactive subtitles that provide contextual definition and more information. You’ll also find lots of fun quizzes and fun activities with which to test yourself.

French Language Classes

One of the best parts about Babbel is that it uses the microlearning concept to help you retain information. The review feature works by bringing back information in short bursts to keep your memory active. It also provides a good opportunity to practice new vocabulary. And if you’re looking for something more engaging, you can also choose a movie or TV show to learn French. The French language has so many dimensions that a beginner has to develop skills and patience.


Learn French online with a class from Berlitz! The program is designed to give you the tools you need to speak French right from the start! Berlitz instructors are native speakers and offer individualized lessons based on your needs and goals. Students immerse themselves in the culture of their chosen language to achieve faster results. The course incorporates cultural understanding and social awareness into the language learning process to help you use your newly acquired language skills in real-world social and business situations.

The FrenchPod101 program offers audio podcasts in four levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Beginners will enjoy the slower-paced audio lessons with a student and teacher speaking French. The lessons are easy to follow, with slow-spoken audio and a transcript for each lesson. The transcripts highlight words and phrases you’ll find difficult to translate. Beginners will also enjoy intermediate-level offerings, which include topics such as lifestyle, historical events, and more.

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