Fun Activities for Your child’s Birthday Party (2022)

 Fun Activities for Your child’s Birthday Party (2022)

Fun Activities for Your child’s Birthday Party

Fun Activities for Your child’s Birthday Party: Hooray, it’s your son’s or daughter’s birthday. So that means a big party. You provide a nice treat at school, beautiful gifts for your sweetheart and a nice children’s party. But what are you going to do this time? Are you a bit tired of the eternal play paradise or a dip in the indoor pool? Do you fancy a fun, original party? Then these tips will help you on your way! Add the theme, and you are assured of a great party!

Fun and original children’s parties

Is it challenging to organize a children’s party? Not at all. If you don’t like it, consider having (part of) outside the home. You can arrange for someone to drive with you or have the children brought to the location and picked up again. 

There is guidance on-site that takes part of the organization off your hands. And all you have to do is be there and take pictures. Without having to end up at home with the mess!

At some parties, it is helpful to have something to eat at home (especially on Wednesday afternoon) and unwrap presents after which you go out. This does not even have to be much more expensive than a children’s party at home. You can opt for certain packages, with or without food, cake, and decorations. With one, you pay per child and the other a basic amount (and possibly per extra child).

Monkey cages

Fun Activities for Your child’s Birthday Party: Do you have sporty children? Then let them bring their gym clothes or exercise in their underwear with toddlers. With the material, you can set up a monkey cage, or it will be set up for you. There are also companies that take care of the organization for you so that you only have to ensure that the children come there and are picked up again.

Augmented reality Games

Do you want to combine a super original party where children play outside with video games? The game combines state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology with challenging gameplay consisting of trivia, riddles, puzzles, mysteries, and more. Clues to solve the mysteries can be found in both the real and animated worlds. The game lasts about 1.5 hours and is played in teams of up to 3 people.

indoor playground

An indoor playground is one of the most popular children’s parties and is very popular with toddlers. If your child is below three age, he does not yet understand what day it is or how many days have I been alive; then have fun playing or dancing to the music. It will be best for your child. Often there are large picnic tables where you can sit, or there is even a separate room. You can bring your own cake or decorate cakes.

BMX and Race over a real BMX track with the BMX. But of course, not before you have learned how to ride a BMX. Who is the fastest without falling?


Yes, the children should also believe in it. A boot camp for youth provides a lot of effort and yet a lot of fun. They return home nicely exhausted: the parents don’t have to worry about that anymore!


Bowling is fun and cozy and not old-fashioned at all. Often adjustments are possible so that even the smallest have a good time and the ball does not immediately end up in the gutter. Often other activities are offered in addition to bowling. Something to eat and/or drink, of course. But sometimes also a children’s disco.


Our daughter wanted to have a party with the activity of picking flowers. Now we have briefly considered going to a picking garden, but you are ready quite quickly. The alternative turned out to be a forester party where you go out in nature with a (voluntary) forester and look for animals, catch fish through the mud, roast marshmallows over the fire, and much more. NB; a party where you can get dirty.

Bubble Ball Party

You may know them. One of those big bloated balls that you get locked in. And then you can do the craziest things. Roll, sit, stand, and the ball will roll everywhere and nowhere. Over land or even on water. A lot of fun and crazy situations.


Off to the zoo, where you can often help feed the animals. You can eat a nice potato in the park and endlessly enjoy the monkeys, lions and all those other animals. A zoo can be quite pricey, but there are also huge pet shops in the basement with an animal department with reptiles where the children can also hold a snake.

Or a butterfly zoo in the greenhouse. The slightly smaller accommodations can perhaps be a little more organized to prevent them from bouncing in all directions, and you are only busy keeping the group together.

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