Fun game: The top 10

There might occur a moment that you experience the feeling that you and your mates already did all activities that are possible. Maybe you are desperately looking for new fun activities, or you are just looking through internet to get some inspiration for your following friends-night. Whatever your reason might be, you just found a blog that might help you! We would like to introduce the ‘’The top 10…’’ game. A game in which you will buy products from ten brand or ten different shops and compare these brands/products. What is the winning shop? Which product will rank high on your top 10 list, which lower? Please read through beneath tips, to find inspiration for subjects during these activity that can be used! 

The top 10 sigars…

A man’s’ night with whiskey and sigars absolutely sounds like a plan, right? But wouldn’t it be fun to find out which sigar is the most liked one within your group? For the 10 different sigars you could make a distinction between shops: and buying the same sigar in all 10 different shops. Another option to compare 10 sigars, would be to buy 10 different sigars from 10 different countries: which country do you like best?

The top 10 smartshops

Maybe you and your friends are looking for an adventurous and more ‘out-of-the-box’ kind of activity. For a wild evening, it would be a perfect fitting solution to compare top 10 smartshops, such as 24high. Although, it might be not the best idea to compare 10 smartshops within one evening. Therefore, you could introduce to make it your monthly evening for ten months long: which smartshop has the best truffles, energizers, or hallucinating herbs? It’s up to you to find out and create your top 10 list! 

The top 10 beers If the top 10 smartshop seems a little bit out of your league, and you want to take things less out of your box, you should try a top 10 beer evening. You could have a beer tasting with your mates, and purchase 10 different beers from one and the same brewery, or mix things up and choose 10 the same beers from 10 different breweries. For the top 10 beers goes the same as for the other activities, in the end of the top 10 beers, you should make a top 10 list of the beers you tasted!

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