Fun Ways to Look Youthful with Accessories

Only if there were a fountain of youth that you could drink from for an eternity and look young and fabulous!

But alas, there isn’t.

However, you can still rock a youthful look. The secret lies in the way you accessorize — while the wrong styling choices can break your modest fall look, the right ones can drop years from your age!

That’s why you need to choose the right extras to give your outfit some oomph and to turn back the clock.

We’ve listed the essential accessory tips you need to have a youthful wardrobe. Let’s go!

A Statement Jewelry Piece Goes a Long Way

Let go of matched jewelry pieces; if you have jewelry sets such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, don’t wear them together.

Instead, put on a statement jewelry piece that can becomethe focal point of your modest fall clothing. You can go with killer earrings like these fabulous hexagon drop earrings or an intricate necklace like this handmade specialty link necklace.  Once you have chosen the jewelry piece of your choice, spin your outfit around it.

Pointed Pumps Over Chunky Shoes

The kind of shoes you wear matters a lot. Chunky shoes are a no-no; they look unattractive and add weight to your body. You should go for something softer and more feminine, like pointed wedges or pumps (or even stilettos, if you are feeling a little daring). They’ll add length to your bodyand give a slimmer leg appearance while providing support and comfort.

Choose Monochromatic Looks

While black is elegant and sexy, you should avoid it. Instead, go monochromatic and use textures to elevate your look. This could be choosing a black handbag like this Willow crossbody or a stylish, detailed belt like this four-buckle belt in taupe.

Wear a Denim Jacket

Ditch your coat! Instead, choose a chic jacket that’s comfy and defined. Have a look at this sleek studded distressed denim jacket and this absolutely gorgeous and super simple oversized pocket denim jacket. Make them your go-to staples when you want to follow a casual yet chic style.

Throw Away Dated Sunglasses

Don’t add more years to your face with your dated sunglasses. The past isn’t what you’re looking for. Choose something trendier and more modern, like aviators! They’re always classy and look great on almost every face shape.

Rock it with Bright Scarves

Are you a fan of dullgrays and blacks? You’ll have to give that up. Bright, bold, and colorful scarves are what you should be looking at. They’ll make you glow during the fall and winter months and are flattering on all skin types and tones.

Choose a Flattering Handbag

Nothing dates your outfit like the wrong shoes, sunglasses, and handbags. Stick with bags that aren’t bulky or large. A camel cross-body or vegan-leather sling bag should be your go-to.

Go with Stackable Bracelets

Don’t keep your wrists empty. Instead, wear a statement piece like a watch and a pair of stackable bracelets that go with your trendy fall outfit. Here are a few great, fashionable choices: bracelets, multicolor stackable bracelets, and coral mix.

Wear the Right Bra Size

The wrong bra size can break your look! So, rather than continuing with the wrong size, measure your breasts every six months and wear what fits you perfectly! It will make a ton of visible difference.

Apply Red Lipstick

Want to turn back time? Make red your color. A bold red color on your lips will give your face an instant glow and make you look at least a decade younger!

Wear Wide Belts

Say bye to thin belts that simply hold your jeans up! Instead, buy pants that fit you so belts can become your go-to accent pieces. Choose wide strapsto make your waist appear smaller—something like this sexy braided elastic belt in brown or this four-buckle vintage belt in taupe.

Bold Hair Accessories

Hairstyles speak a million things about your age.  So, pull off your flattering hairstyle by glamming it up with bold hair accessories like pearly clips, stylish scrunchies, or a sparkly headband.

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