Games and other sports

 Games and other sports

 They missed school for a variety of reasons, for example because the teachers did not know them, or because some of them do not know them on a day – to – day basis in the students’ environment, or because they are relatively new and have not been researched yet. . go to the presentation.

There are answers to this. To avoid the condition that we always work in one direction, because these games and sports, these options, give us a wide range of education, recreation, fitness and entertainment, etc. For a long time, many teachers, sports teachers and artists have built their programs on popular, traditional and sports games, doing repetitive activities from year to year, course after course, becoming routine, motivating and almost fun. . This does not mean that they are still invalid, but it is logical that they try to grow, learn new things, live on new experiences, know and practice other sports and fitness that can play the same role as education projects, and even new projects. . , but with modified content. For example, you can also achieve the goals you want with Ultimate or Balonkorf or volleyball training and exercises and volleyball and floor ball training and exercises. Most options and 스포츠중계 cover at least four main areas of practice, for example: Education programs in school physical education at various levels, which have an important educational task.

Leisure, recreation and leisure, shown hedonically,

 an interesting, fun role with an active pastime that would give Professor Capital a role play.

Competitions are also being developed in this area, where a number of other games and sports such as badminton, India and floorball are being developed.

    And these four areas play an important role in the personal, social interaction of all practitioners.

    As such, they provide many learning opportunities for primary and secondary school teachers, animation tutors and teachers, as well as numerous training opportunities and exercises, games, sports and entertainment for students at all levels of the school. and citizens in general.

 Games and other sports we do

    This type of activity means greater and better student participation, which plays a more active and research role in more traditional activities. So this suggests a more open and less exclusive view of movement, because there is less tension, less attacking attitude and the outcome is less important.

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