GameStop PS5 News

 GameStop PS5 News

GameStop PS5 has announced that they are restocking their PlayStation 5 inventory. Although the gaming retailer has suffered layoffs recently, it’s still one of the top destinations to buy physical games. The retailer sells new and used games and even offers a trade-in option for customers. GameStop is also the only place to purchase the PlayStation 5 in-store. Most other retailers have already shifted all of their stock to online orders, so the restocking at GameStop is good news for customers.

GameStop PS5 restocking

GameStop has confirmed that they will be restocking the PlayStation 5 this summer, so if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the latest console, now is your chance. On May 28, GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members can visit GameStop locations to get their hands on the PlayStation 5. The restock will be available for in-store and online sales on June 2.

The restock event is expected to be very busy, so it’s a good idea to plan accordingly. You can expect lines, especially on the East Coast. The restocking event will begin as stores open so it could start as early as eight AM local time.

As we mentioned before, there’s a shortage of the PlayStation 5. Luckily, GameStop has stepped in and restocked PS5 units across three thousand locations in the US. While this is not the first time, GameStop has been restocking the PS5 multiple times, which is good news for consumers.

Target PS5 restocking

While it’s a good thing that Target is restocking the PlayStation 5, there are also some reasons people should not buy them now. These reasons include the chip shortage, bots and scalpers, and the shortage of stores selling the console. The only way to get a PS5 at a reasonable price is to wait for a restock at a major retailer. Target is one such retailer, and other retailers will likely follow.

Target typically restocks the PS5 a couple of of times a week, so the best way to get a PS5 for a reasonable price is to sign up for their email alerts. An email alert system is not as effective as checking the retailer’s inventory page on your computer. If you have multiple computers and want to ensure you get the most relevant information, try using an app.

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In addition to a restock notification

 Target also lets consumers know when a to restock will occur at their local store. Usually, Target will announce the restock a day or two before it happens. This way, shoppers looking to buy a PS5 can find a store with the console in stock the day before it hits the shelves.

Amazon has also started offering PS5 restocks for members, but this is only by invitation. Walmart is notorious for selling out of these units quickly, and there’s a good chance this time will be no different. But you’ll want to sign up for Walmart+ early, so you’ll be notified if there are any PS5 restocks available.

Restocking the PS5 console at Target will likely include the Disc Edition, which costs $499, and the Digital Edition for $399. The difference is that the Disc Edition includes a disc drive. If you’re interested in buying a PS5 without the disc drive, you can get it for $399 at Sam’s Club.

Walmart PS5 restocking

It is hard to say when Walmart will restock its PS5 consoles. Generally, the retail giant has a PS5 in stock every two to three weeks. But that date varies from store to store. Sometimes, the retailer restocks the consoles on Wednesdays, while others restock them on Thursdays. As a result, it is not always a safe bet to visit a Walmart store on a Thursday to buy a PS5.

This time, however, Walmart is restocking its PlayStation 5 inventory online. The restocking of the consoles will be available for shoppers who have signed up for the Walmart+ program. Because this restocking event is limited to members, it is vital to plan accordingly. For example, set a timer, or refresh the site frequently to get updates on when the new PS5s will hit stores. To avoid missing the new arrival of the PS5, make sure to sign up for Walmart+ in advance.

If you are a Walmart Plus subscriber

 you can save even more money by signing up for the store’s PS5 restock event. The store will restock various PS5 consoles at different prices and bundles. For example, you can save $20 by purchasing a PS5 bundle with the game Horizon Forbidden West.

In addition to the Walmart PS5 restocking news, you can subscribe to the Amazon PS5 restocking program. This program allows members to access an exclusive online community where they can purchase the PS5 console. Also, Amazon will email you when the PS5 is restocked in their stores.

You can also subscribe to GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro program to receive emails and notifications about restocks in advance. This program costs $15 per year and has various extra benefits. Among them, access to exclusive restock information is one of the best ways to get PS5 to restock news. It’s worth signing up for PowerUp Rewards Pro, as it has more perks than you can imagine.

In addition to Walmart PS5 restocking news

 GameStop and Best Buy also plan to restock their PS5 consoles in the months ahead. As long as these three retailers restock, you can take advantage of them without paying the high prices set by scalpers.

Getting an alert via text or email about restocking information from any major retailer is a good idea. The major retailer’s PS5 restocks often available before the general public. Subscribers to these services have the opportunity to get a console an hour before the rest of the world.

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