Gaming Headset The Best Experience Ever

 Gaming Headset The Best Experience Ever

Bluetooth gaming headset

Too often, gamers are playing on beautiful high-definition plasma TVs. Still, they use a clumsy headset and TV speakers for sound! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? !! ?? Here’s to help you explore the top five gaming headsets available today and see if they suit your needs for upgrading to enhanced gaming audio. You’ll be amazed at the difference in the gaming experience with a better sound, as it’s more fun and usually has a higher kill rate. Also, most of these headphones are compatible with plasma TVs. The first two picks are Sharkoon, the “newcomer” to the business. These two headsets have already been very well received by gamers and will be introduced here.

First of all, Bluetooth gaming headsets don’t include all the extra code that tends to get in the way and the problem of the code being too short. Therefore, Bluetooth headsets use wireless technology that does not require a cord. This is useful when playing so that others in the room do not trip over your chords or get in the way of your keyboard or mouse while using your computer. This alone makes Bluetooth headsets worth the extra charge. Most computers and consoles today have Bluetooth technology, so these types of headsets will work with devices you already own. Bluetooth is standard on most devices these days, so you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth not working. If you go to a friend’s house that owns a console other than yours, you don’t have to worry about the headset not working.

Bluetooth technology

You can also use Bluetooth technology when chatting online with programs such as Skype. Bluetooth is one of the highest quality wireless technologies available. Whenever you talk to a Bluetooth gaming headset, the audio will be much clearer compared to other types of wireless devices that choose not to use Bluetooth. For all practical purposes, Bluetooth gaming headsets have the range and clarity you expect. It also eliminates the issue of interference from other devices. This is also a good advantage. Most of today’s most acclaimed wireless gaming headsets use Bluetooth technology. This means that when you buy a Bluetooth gaming headset, you can feel confident in your purchase as the most highly rated ones have recently fallen into this category. Some still use the code, but most of the best use Bluetooth technology. In terms of design, these also tend to look great. There are other options to consider, but Bluetooth tends to be one of the better options. Because of all the benefits that Bluetooth offers, many gamers today are using Bluetooth technology with complete confidence.

think24 True 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headset-This top gaming headset has four speakers per earpiece and a volume control built into the headset cable so it’s easy to find. .. Users report that the headset is very comfortable during long gameplay. The overall sound is very high quality and the volume can be adjusted individually for each earpiece. Another great feature is that the volume control lights up so it’s easy to find and the colors are different for each volume level. The downside is a lot of wiring and a rather expensive price tag (although this is normal for true Dolby headsets). Support: PC, Box 360, PS3.

think24 SP Gaming Headset-Affordable and high quality gaming sound! Simply plug this headset into your console or PC’s USB jack and you’re ready to enjoy an “all-night” gaming session in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It has an in-line amplifier and a separate volume control for voice communication. It costs about half the price of a 5.1 headset, but still maintains high quality features. Another interesting advantage of the Sharkoon brand is that it could be the best looking headset on the market. Support: Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

Earforce X31 Digital RF Wireless Gaming Audio

Earforce X31 Digital RF Wireless Gaming Audio + Xbox Live Chat-A great headset with incredible sound quality and a very clear 2.4GHz digital RF wireless connection. Whether you’re playing online or watching a movie on Netflix, this is the best gaming headset gamers will want to own. This unit really delivers. Very comfortable cushioned earcups, truly wireless and independent chat and game volume control, and an advanced “battery booster” circuit that squeezes the last drop of energy from the battery before it runs out. And the price of such a great headset is really cheap! The only problem with this headset is that it’s hard to find a mute switch. When the battery runs out, it will run out completely. Usually in the middle of the game. Support: Xbox 360.

TurtleBeach TBS-2052 Earforce Z2 Professional Grade PC Headset-50mm Adjustable padded headset with professional grade stereo speakers. Designed specifically for PC gaming, this top gaming headset offers a competitive advantage due to the placement of directional speakers and extreme comfort. The compact design is ideal for “on the go” gamers. It also comes with a sound-absorbing cushion that helps block out disturbing noise from fans and nearby people. It’s a great headset at a very affordable price. It works on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 / live, MP3 players and you can watch movies online or even on Skype.

EarForce PX 21 Gaming Headset for PS3-Great gaming sound with very clear chat communication, whether online using the Xbox 360, PC, or Playstation 3 network. Durable design with large and comfortable earcups provides a great gaming experience for enjoying Black Ops or Bad Company: 2 “all night” gaming sessions. It features a rotating earcup, independent game and chat volume, bass boost, and more, all with a simple USB connection. It’s also one of the most affordable top gaming headsets on the market for the PS3 today.

In most cases, the comfort factor depends on:

Wear it for 15 minutes and you’ll know if it’s right for you.

Sound quality

A good PC gaming headset needs the ability to produce good sound quality. Sound perception varies from person to person, but some of these guidelines can be used to distinguish between good and bad headsets.


Gaming headsets with powerful bass make a big difference in first-person shooters such as Counterstrike. You will clearly hear the bullets flying around you and the clear explosions in the background.

Surround sound

Surround sound effects are needed to give gameplay realism. 5.1 Digital audio-encoded PC gaming headsets help identify enemies sneaking up or shooting behind you.

Noise cancellation

Some gaming headsets use an external microphone to pick up external noise and invert them to cancel unwanted noise. This is very useful if you are playing in a constantly noisy environment such as an internet cafe.

Cable length

The length of the cable determines how far you can go behind the screen. A typical gaming headset has a cable length of 2m. Anything shorter than this length will limit your movement and cause you inconvenience. If you’re playing a gaming console such as an Xbox or PS3 in your living room, consider getting a headset with a longer cable or an additional extension cable to connect to your headset.

Wireless headset

If you don’t want to move around all the time and have to worry about cables, you can choose a wireless gaming headset that utilizes Bluetooth or RF technology. Keep in mind that wireless headsets are prone to noise interference and signal loss during transmission, which can lead to static, pop, or unpleasant noise.


Some PC gaming headsets have a microphone that allows you to interact during gameplay. This may be a useful feature you’ll want to include in your gaming headset.

Volume control

This may seem like a trivial feature, but it’s very important if you’re far from your sound system. For gaming headsets with surround sound capabilities, it’s useful to have an inline volume control to control individual speaker levels.

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