Gemini Preety Metallic 1000-Watts Mixer Grinder Review 2022

Gemini has recently launched Preety Metallic 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder – the company’s best-selling product due to its popularity. With three heavy jars included, you have everything you need to prepare food.

With the grinder’s heavy motor and jars, you can easily make new delicious dishes every day. The grinder is durable, creating new recipes effortlessly.

The following article covers all the important information about the product.

Gemini Preety Metallic 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder Features

-Grind masalas quickly and easily

With this Quick Mixer Grinder, you can grind masalas at home. The product is assured to provide superior performance and high quality. You will receive the best grinding experience by using this mixer grinder with stainless steel blades that have been machine-ground and polished. 

You can control the grinding process by adjusting the variable speed settings. You’ll get fine powders and smooth purees when using the motor and blades.

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-An impressive motor

This appliance is equipped with a powerful and efficient motor that will make it an ideal kitchen companion. You can select Gemini as your mixer grinder brand whether you intend to upgrade your old one or you are purchasing one for the first time.

-Efficiencies in time and energy

It is more efficient and takes less energy to use the mixer grinder. You can make tasty coconut chutney for dosas and idlis or grind fresh masala every day. Regardless of the difficulty of the ingredient, it will help you crush it with ease. You can use this mixer grinder to make chutneys or grind garam masala faster and more efficiently than you otherwise would.

-Improved Airflow & Overload Protection

New generation maxi grind and overload protection technology prevent overheating. The machine is equipped with a pulse switch to control the grinding process better. Enhancing the airflow through the motor reduces the heating and increases the airflow.

-The Performance

Besides the material that has been used in the product, its features themselves indicate its performance. There is no noise, smooth operation, heavy jars, heavy motor, and strong blades. A durable coupler is a prestige symbol that guarantees customer satisfaction. The multifunction blade system can be used for mixing, dry/wet grinding, whipping, liquidizing, and making chutney.

-Strong Body of Unique Quality

It is designed in ABS material for increased durability and strength. Again, the body’s unique design & modern color will make the owner want to buy it. The smooth, robust operation will ensure the owner’s satisfaction.

-Airtight Jar Lids

A rubber gasket is attached to the lids of all of the jars to keep air out. By doing so, the materials inside the jars will not spill out.


  1. No chance of corrosion due to stainless steel blades.
  2. Its beautiful exterior is coated with a metallic coating
  3. Adorned with razor-sharp edges. 
  4. The lid is made from polymer, so it is unbreakable.


  1. Jars for juicers are not present.

The bottom line

The Gemini Preety Metallic 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder 3 Jars is explained. Furthermore, we have discussed how this product is good and bad.

In addition to receiving positive reviews from many consumers, the Gemini mixer grinder is widely popular because of its robust design and the unique sharp blades that it uses.

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