Hard Light Catalyst: How To Get It?

 Hard Light Catalyst: How To Get It?

The Hard Light auto rifle is one of Destiny 2’s most difficult weapons. Originally, there has a severe tremor every time it fired continuously. The new patch makes it easier to handle and improves accuracy greatly, although it is still a little unstable.

Fortunately, the Hard light catalyst improves the experience. Moreover, getting and upgrading Hard Light Catalyst is a difficult task. Here are all players need to know about Hard Light Catalyst’s features and where to buy it.

Where Can I Buy A Hard Light Catalyst?

The hard light catalyst, fortunately, improves things much further, making the hard light a much better experience. You only need to order the hard light catalyst farm service from boosting ground, and you’ll have the masterpiece in no time! You’ll obtain a catalyst when you get an exotic weapon, which gives it a boost in some way. With each of my three characters completing the weekly strike completion milestone, I was able to obtain the rat king, prospector, and hard light catalysts. 

However, if you’re a new or returning player, you won’t be able to have it and will feel out of the loop or unable to compete. There is no specific exotic quest to gain Hard Light, unfortunately. It’s a weapon from Destiny 1 that’s been in Destiny 2 since the start. It’s been there for a while, but only recently has it become decent, and it’s a random drop.

All Of The Possible Ways To Get Hard Light Catalyst:

1. Xur Can Sell It –

Granted, Xur only sells one weapon every week, and his pool has become quite large, so your options are limited. On weekends, Xur is a vendor that offers a rotating set of exotics for legendary shards; you may find him here on Friday reset. Xur also offers a “random” exotic engram for shards, which will give you an exotic you don’t have. If Hard Light is on that list, you have the best “targeted” chance of receiving it, while the chances are still small.

2. Fight Pass Exotic Engrams –

The seasonal fight pass contains many exceptional engrams on it as well, in that they will provide you an interest you don’t have yet. They’re ranked 25, 60, 74, and 98, giving you four opportunities if you get all the way through.

3. Milestones –

Aside from targeted engrams, completing weekly milestones, the strong drops that appear as objectives marked by a yellow circle all over your map, are your greatest hope for exotics. This might include anything from three strikes to achieving 8 Crucible bounties to accomplishing goals on a flashpoint planet. You’ll obtain legendaries the majority of the time, but you can also get exotics by completing them.

4. Heroic, Legend, and Master Nightfalls –

Higher levels of Nightfalls are currently the only activity that directly awards exotics, but if you’re looking for a guide on how to achieve Hard Light, I’m thinking you’re not ready for this level of endgame content just yet, especially with the recent power boosts. Heroic has 970 power and only drops them in rare times. Legend has 1000 power, whereas Master has 1030 power and often drops them. However, this is most likely not the best choice for newer players.

Tips For Using The Hard Light:

Because of its capacity to break enemy shields, Hard Light is useful in some PVP situations. For some players, this means winning Crucible matches on smaller maps where the constant fire may be deadly. However, there are many better weapons available for PVP, so this isn’t the best option.

Players can also use the Hard Light in PVE. The Fundamentals perk allows players to switch between different elemental damages at any time. This means that the Hard Light weapon will give players an elemental advantage against any enemy. Against tanky enemies, such as bosses, constant firing and great penetration are also advantageous.


When you get an exotic weapon, you’ll also get a hard light catalyst, which boosts it in some way. It’s particularly useful for Hard Light since it boosts its stability and transforms it into the laser beam that kills you all the time in Crucible. The hard light catalyst is dropped by strikes and nightfalls. The greater your Nightfall score and the harder the Nightfall, the better your chances of detecting catalyst drops are supposed to be, but I’m not sure.

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