Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast and Painlessly – Identify Your Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a problem which occurs in the anus and can be very problematic in your day to day functioning. It is most commonly called piles and should be taken very seriously in the first stage itself before it gets too painful or tremendously painful and irritating. Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone and each one of us should know the exact symptom and the severity of it to understand what we need to do in case we fall prey to it.

Hemorrhoids attack a person generally because of old age or unhygienic or unhealthy eating conditions. It could also happen to women post pregnancy. The condition is pretty easy to figure out. There is a continuous irritation, swelling and itching feeling in the anus. In serious cases there could also be mild bleeding in the anal region. Now all kinds of hemorrhoids are not same. There are degrees at which they occur. But to figure out the degree and the cure measures you need to understand what kind of hemorrhoid you are suffering from. There are internal hemorrhoids and external ones. Internal hemorrhoids tend to be inside the anus and external ones are outside of it. Talking about the degree, the first degree is when the swelling does not come out of the anus. In the second degree the protrusion moves in and out of the anus depending on your body activity. In the third degree you need to manually put the protrusion inside and the fourth degree would mean the protrusion does not go inside even manually.

You must figure out which type and degree of hemorrhoids you are suffering from and must consult a doctor or a specialist with your problem. Most importantly do not procrastinate your visit to a specialist as it will only worsen the issue. Be smart and take up a smart treatment for fast and painless cure.

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